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[BATREP] 2000 pts High Elves vs Lizardmen
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Default [BATREP] 2000 pts High Elves vs Lizardmen

Hey everyone. I'd just like to post a batrep played and written by myself and a friend of mine. If you like narrative batreps, then you'll definitely like this one.


NOTE: All of the High Elf parts were written by myself. All of the Lizardmen parts were written by Slann Lord Chilipeppa, the Lizardmen player.

ANOTHER NOTE: Mods, if I am not allowed to post links in this forum, then just let me know, and I'll copy-and-paste the whole batrep onto here.

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Default Re: [BATREP] 2000 pts High Elves vs Lizardmen

great report!
loved it!
very nice turn around for the HEs !

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Default Re: [BATREP] 2000 pts High Elves vs Lizardmen

Read this over on Warseer. Awesome BatRep [+1Karma for sharing].

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