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Warcaft Orcs in WHFB [Theme-Tourny questions]
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Default Warcaft Orcs in WHFB [Theme-Tourny questions]

Hey there guys ^_^. I was considering starting this topic for a while. ^_^ Ok so I was considering starting orcs at some point of future. However I do NOT like WHFB orcs or just GW orcs. I like "new" warcraft orcs. And yes I am aware that they were once based on WHFB, but they no longer are.
However, completely "peaceful" clan like Frost Wolves would be ODD to field. So instead of my usually favorite Frost Wolves, I was considering "The Warsong" for the WHFB. They are still pretty brutal and have (had) a great leader. Grom would be FUN to sculpt (or I can sculpt his son). Plus the whole clan has an "unmatched spirit" for me ^_^
***For people who have NO idea what I am saying -> some basic info on the Clan
http://www.wowwiki.com/Warsong_Clan ***

This would be a though project as I would probably convert every one... All boyz would have some fur armor and fur hats. Definitely would scratch sculpt/convert heroes.

Anyways the delema I am facing is this -> I want a brutal competetive list but with these restrictions:

- No gobos! Amm no they aren't a bad unit, remember its "Warsong" from warcarft. So no gobos. There are goblins in warcraft, but not in such vast quantities ^_^. Goblins will probably man chakkas. And yeah no snots either ^_^
- No magic! I don't want warlocks and shamans with Waaagh spells would look out of place. I might get one shaman... not sure yet. Most likely spirit totem for dice. But that might be up for discussion (may be some kind of "orator" as this is warsong clan?)
- Not to much cavalry. May be some giant wolf riding orcs. May be. I know this is a big drawback. I will not use boars, but some sort of giant wolves, would count as boars.

So what does it leave me with? Well, infantry ^_^ Lots of it.

In 2k the plan was to have 5+ 25 man units and one Black orc units. Backed up by 1-2 spear chakka batteries, 1-3 savage boar boyz (berzerker wolf riders ^_^). Characters will probably be strictly mele. With 1 general (covers 3 units) and 2-3 "lieutenants" to cover the rest of the horde with better LD. No too much equipment. General might get more. Lieutenants might get bound items. If (and thats big if ^_^) I will take a Lord, then I might get "Axe of Last Waaagh!"(or whats its name?)

So I would love to here answers to this question -> is it possible to have a tourny valid army (I'm not spending load of cash for 7+ infantry boxes for poops and giggles!) with those restrictions or its not even possible?

Thanx in advance. ^_^

P.S. I'll try to write list when I'll get back home to actually have something to work with.

Walk tall everyone!!!!!

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Default Re: Warcaft Orcs in WHFB [Theme-Tourny questions]

Well to be honest, your not going to get an ultra competative list no matter what you do with Orcs.

I think massed boys is viable as they are cheap and effective. I'd put Black Orc Big Bosses in as many units as you can though if you really want the list to work.

You will NEED the Spirit Totem.
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