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Tomb Kings
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Default Tomb Kings

Yeah, that's a general title, eh?

Anyway, I know people have started these topics before, but seeing as I'm approaching 4,500 points in my Vampire Counts army, I'd like to look at a new one soon, and I think I've decided on Tomb Kings.

I'm no longer a stranger to Undead armies, but the Tomb Kings have captured my intrigue for a few reasons. First off, their army looks a lot more uniform than a Vampire Counts army, which is something that I like about armies such as Empire or even, to a point, Skaven (with that many, any personalizations on models seem to disappear quickly!). Skeletons all look utterly similar, Tomb Kings most of all, and that's something I like. Secondly, there is the magic. While I believe Vampire Counts boast the strongest lore of magic, Tomb Kings have one that is undeniably great. All their spells happen automatically unless dispelled, and rolling 2d6 (usually) for power level means that you're still casting spells on roughly the same power level as other casters. Beyond that, Tomb Kings not only get a shooting phase, but a decent one! Between Archers that always hit on 5's (hey, that's not bad. My Empire army was used to it!) and of course the horrifying Screaming Skull Catapult, there'll be some Shooting Phase wrecking happening. Oh yeah, and lastly are Chariots. Tomb Kings are one of the few armies that can take Chariots as Core units, and I intend to make extensive use of them after I ran a few tests and discovered their potency. So, I wrote up an army list! It's at 2K, and an army I hope to be able to accrue with minimal fuss.

Tomb King
Spear of Antarhak
Crown of Kings
Subtotal 280

Liche Priest (Hierophant)
Golden Ankhra
Subtotal 160

Liche Priest
Plaques of Incantations
Subtotal 145

Liche Priest
Dispel Scroll
Dispel Scroll
Subtotal 165

Points on Characters 750

20 Skeletons
Subtotal 185

20 Skeletons
Subtotal 185

3 Chariots
Standard & Champ
Subtotal 160

3 Chariots
Standard & Champ
Subtotal 160

Points on Core 690

20 Tomb Guard
Banner Undying Legion
Subtotal 295

Tomb Scorpion 85

Points on Special 380

Skull Catapult 90

Skull Catapult 90

Points on Rare 180

Total 2000

I don't know if it's particularly solid or if it's simply hideous, that's for you all to tell me. It's a quick one I just put together, and if I overlooked anything please forgive me.

Also, what do other people use? How well does it work? I want to play an army that can hold its own in the shooting and magic phases, and if the enemy gets close I want to be able to burst forth from my lines with chariots and cut the enemy down. That's what I want.
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