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Empire Engineer any good?
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Default Empire Engineer any good?

Hello. I'm potentially interested in an Empire Engineer, and wondered if he was any good for anything. The pidgeon bomb looks like something that could be really useful if buffed with Second Sign of Amul and Hammer of Sigmar.

Also, I think the idea of pidgeon bombs are kind of silly...is it possible to use the rules to represent a rocket launcher instead? (Imagine a blackpowder RPG 7 or so)?
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Default Re: Empire Engineer any good?

Uhm, mostly artillery, unless you want a lone sniper with a BS of 4.

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Default Re: Empire Engineer any good?

Pidgeon Bombs are hilarious when they fly back to you, but otherwise the Engineers are just using up valuable character slots. I suppose if you wanted to make a themed army they're good, but otherwise I don't like to use them much.
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