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'Ard Boyz tournament; not a place for newbies?
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Default 'Ard Boyz tournament; not a place for newbies?

Its been years since I've played WHFB, recently I gotten back into and have built a sizable orc and gobbo force. Though I yet to play in the new rules I read them and I feel I've got a good grasp on the game.

Next month is Ard Boyz and I was thinking of going. My question to you is; what armies should I look out for? What are people playing these days and what cobos are most damaging to my greenskins.

Thanks in advance.
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Default Re: 'Ard Boyz tournament; not a place for newbies?

Look out for Vamp Counts, purely!


Anything that can easily cause your units to flee, as one block running can have that entire flank running.

Well, look ut for anythng at all really. 'Ard Boys Tourny's are designed to make a hardcore gamer out of you and so hardcore gamers wll be fighting you...

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