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Weird army ideas? Would any of them work?
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Default Weird army ideas? Would any of them work?

There are so many cool army ideas for playing fantasy, it's really getting frustrating trying to choose which army to play...all of them have interesting modeling and conversion opportunities.

For instance, in reading Beasts of Chaos, the book mentions a noble but fickle race of cat-people of Ind (most likely Rakshasa demons of sorts), so part of me is interested in playing an Indish army. In this case, Marauders would be the core of such an army, representing infantry conscripted en-masse from the Indish villages. A unit of Chosen Chaos Warriors would represent the Rajah's Honor Guard (Chaos Lord/Champion depending on points), while the Chaos Sorcerers would represent the Grand Viziers. Chaos Chariots would be modeled similar to Persian Scythed Chariots and have heavily-decorated horses pulling them into battle.

Supporting the Indish warriors would be the cat-people, large tiger-warriors representing Gors and Beastigors, with smaller panther-warriors representing Ungors. Centigors would be Cat Masters, tigerpeople mounted atop of trained tigers and used for shock value, while Bloodletters would represent sacred Tiger-warriors...or perhaps Horrors of Tzeentch could represent something else like Disciples of Indra (the bound spells representing them throwing darts at their foes). With player consent, the centerpiece of such an army would be the Forgeworld Chaos Mammoth, modeled like an Indian War elephant, or failing that a multi-armed Daemon Prince modeled as Kali in war-form.

That is idea 1.

Another idea was an army of Dwarven Engineering Guild exiles whom kept building newer and more modern technological devices, shunning Runic magic in exchange for better technology. E.g. instead of Bolt Throwers with Rune of Penetrating, they would carry anti-tank rifles into battle, and instead of Grudge Throwers they would bring fly-by-wire missile launchers. Runic Banners would be portable devices like force-field generators, and Runic Hand Weapons would be a random mix of chainsaws, servo-gaunlets and other technowonders.

The third idea is an all-Gnoblar army shooting army from hell, with lots of massed Goblin Flingers, Manbiters, and 2 units of Lucky Gits, as well as 2 Scraplaunchers. The army would march then park at distance from their foes, then they would just unload an obscene amount of dice...that said, they'd probably take a unit or two of Leadbelchers as Rare units for extra fire-support).
Anyway, my wife plays Slaanesh so I HAVE to play Khorne-bebe
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