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2K Wood Elf List
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Default 2K Wood Elf List

Okay, I wanted a list that was magic heavy and featured a lot of Glade Riders, so this is what I've come up with. I'm including a Treeman as I'm doing one for a painting competition, but in the end I might substitute it out for more Glade Riders or some Wild Riders as I'm conscious about my low model count.

Level 4 Spellweaver
-Railarian's Mantle
-Ranu's Heartstone

Alter Noble
-Daith's Reaper

Level 2 Spellsinger
-Deepwood Sphere

Level 2 Spellsinger
-Calaingor's Stave

The magicians will hide out in or behind woods to stay away from enemy attention while still casting spells. I have 12 power dice and 8 dispel dice so that should be enough to keep enemy magic at bay, and the Heartstone can help out in a pinch. They won't see combat, rather they'll be buffing my people and using the woods (I get a free wood for being Wood Elves, and the terrain I play on tends to be wood-heavy) to funnel the enemy to where I want them to be and to provide cover for my troops. I can potentially cast Tree Singing four times a turn, with the three mages and the forthcoming Treeman.

The Noble will use his speed to come up the flanks (preferably through woods) and harass War Machine crews with Daith's Reaper (reroll misses, force opponent to reroll successful armour saves), perhaps attacking the rear of a small regiment once he's stomped through the war machines. I might give him Fear if I get the spell for it, so he could break low Leadership troops by charging their rear.

5 Glade Riders
5 Glade Riders
5 Glade Riders
5 Glade Riders
5 Glade Riders
Total 600

The Glade Riders will use Forest Walkers to have lots of maneuverability around the field, and they're in small units so I can be sure that all of them can always shoot. I plan to basically play Battlefleet Gothic with them, moving around in lines to always get the best angles of fire. The plan is to literally run circles around the enemy and stay out of charge arcs, pouring in firepower (hitting on 3s at 15" or less) and inducing some panic tests. The only downside is with the small units if they get charged they won't be lasting very long at all.

10 Waywatchers
Total 525

The Treeman will just wander around putting Terror into people, using Strangleroots to assist the Glade Riders and Tree Singing to complement my spellcasters. I know he's by no means invincible, but he'll probably have a go at charging low Leadership troops or even standard troops in the flanks and try and break them. My main advantage as Wood Elves is using the woods to attack on my terms, and I plan to get flank charges in whenever possible.

The Waywatchers will deploy in a wood to start off with as Scouts and if I'm lucky I plan to move them around only with Tree Singing. With their phenomenal ballistic skill and the ability to fire all their bows (Skirmishers) I plan to direct them onto the same choices as my other ranged attacks and try and break the enemy. If they look like they'll get charged, they'll move out of charge arc or out of the woods (block line of sight) and still be able to fire as effectively (provided they can see) due to exceptional Asrai Archery.

Total 1995

See, I think my tactics are sound but I'm conscious of my low model count. The plan is to break the enemy and keep them running, but against high armour, high leadership troops (like Chaos Warrior armies) I'm not sure I can pull it off and I might have to rely more on magic to break them by making my Glade Riders cause Fear and doing flank and rear charges, or maneuvering woods with Tree Singing and then doing the violent form of Tree Singing to do the damage at Strength 5.

What do you guys think?
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Default Re: 2K Wood Elf List

well, I see where you want to go, and where your coming from, but what of combat resolution?

Let's say I have 2 20 man blocks of Empire spears, each with a warrior priest. You charge in whatever rank and I'll take hits but not enough to get me running. So I will attack back and well, i get to fight with 2 ranks because we have spears!

Now statistics would say you've killed about 5-6, but my men will hold and strike back with the 5-6 attacks still available, and then there's my warrior priest hammering his way through your five.

My point in case is the Glade Riders need some support. In fact your entire army should have some way of support.

How quickly you would fall in a 2k point game with my gunline :-X.

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