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Brothers Chaos army
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Default Brothers Chaos army

My brother has started a fantasy Chaos army and I wanted to see what you thought of it. I don't know whats's what so it's probably in completely the wrong order. I apolagise in advance.

20 Warriors with Shield 300
Mark of Slaanesh 20

20 Warriors with Shield 300
Mark of Slaanesh 20

2 Fiends of Slaanesh 150

20 Warhounds 120

Dechala 245

Lord 210
Runesword 70
Shield 3
Gaze of the Gods 30
Mark of Slaanesh 20
Steed of Slaanesh 40

10 Mounted Daemonettes 300

Sourcerer 85
Level 2 35
Spell Familiar 15
Gaze of the Gods 30

I don't know what any of it is but wanted to know if it was any good so I can pass on any advise to my brother. He's just started Fantasy though and hasn't played any battles...I don't think so anyway.
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Default Re: Brothers Chaos army

warriors: fine, but i advise making a squad of them chosen

fiends of slaanesh:im not sure if they are legal in the warriors of chaos army list thing

dechala:you need the opponents consent for him/her/it but otherwise not bad

warhounds: relatively cheap flanking force, never charge into the front of the enemy with them

lord: gaze of the gods doesent exist anymore, so give him a helm of many eyes (strikes first) and the runesword is now only 60 points

daemonettes:cant be used in the revised rules

sorcerer: cant have gaze of the gods or a spell familiar, so give a crown of everlasting conquest or a golden eye of tzeentch
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