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Choas Horde list!!!
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Default Choas Horde list!!!

After not playing Wrahmmer (40k/Fantasy) for a long while, 5 or 6 months and getting a credit card and a nice chunk of money I have allocated a small sum of money to an army, I am also selling my Tau and the random converted monstrasities that my other "armys" were. l'll still have some gaurd stuff though.

Anyways, a quiting friend gave me some tomes (Imperial armor 1-3, and most codexs and army books). So I have an idea for a list for Choas Hordes. It is most likely very bad and such but alas... I have no magic in it, which I know is bad since I'll most likely be ownded magic but i need a starting point and have problems with adding magic, (I just spamed necromancers with my Vampire counts and praticed solid summoning).

Anyway, here's the accual list:

Aspiring Champion of choas (1+)
Bane Sheild-Sword of Might- Choas Steed-146pts

Aspiring Champion of choas (2+)
Axe of Khorne-Enchanted Shield-115pts

12 Warriors of Choas (4+)

12 Warriors of Choas (4+)

24 Warriors of Choas (4+)
Sheilds- Full comand- 360pts

10 Maraders of Choas (5+)
Sheilds-Light Armor-70 points

10 Maraders of Choas (5+)
Sheilds -60 points

20 Maraders of Choas (5+)
Sheilds-Light Armor-140 points

5 Chosen Knights of Choas (1+)


C&C and such would be great, also, since To isn't the best place for fantasy, what is a good fantasy site?
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Default Re: Choas Horde list!!!

I'm not sure about the fantasy sites, but I can tell you that If I played a high chariot army, I would run you through. Or something with lots of shooting. YOu need some more fast moving things in there and maybe war machines as well. And seriously consider getting a sorcerer, even if it is just for Dispel Dice and a Dispel Scroll Caddy. I say you should get some more hard hitting, or faster troops.

Oh and about the site, sometimes I go here.


its a BOC website, but I'm sure you can google hordes of chaos and find some equally good hits.
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Default Re: Choas Horde list!!!

Ok, long time since I played mortals but lets give it a go.

The small marauder units aren't going to do anything useful. Change for 2 units of marauder horsemen.

Combine the warrior units to two units of 20. With the left over points, get a chariot.

Magic can be solved using the mark of khorne. Be careful of frenzy, as a clever player can lead those knights around on a useless chase with flyers and fast cavalry. Use your fast units to kill his and then let your frenzied guys get to work on the rest. Furies are very useful for taking out units such as great eagles.

These are just my ideas. If you already have the models then have a game and find out what works for you. I mainly play elves so www.ulthuan.net and www.asrai.org are good sites where you get a range of armies. I'd suggest you try there.
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Default Re: Choas Horde list!!!

Heh another Fantasy player ^_^. Although I don't like/play chaos myself, I've played against it and know the book quite well.

Your list appears to be quite, well "basic". Its not bad, but needs "kick" and few other things.
- Magic defense. Just because you do not use magic, there is no reason to be open to it. Chaos has great items Vs magic. Khorne is one way to go. Cheaper way is to give these marks to your heroes. If you do so, don't forget to "mark the unit they plan to join. Also if you do take Khorne, take collar of Khorne. Magic resistance of 2 on unit that Hero joins is a GREAT way to go. Scroll caddy is another way, but I don't really like it. ***Be careful when give marks, if the general is marked, everyone else has to either be undivided or that mark***
- Your hero's equipment. I wouldn't go with that. I am not going to suggest something in particular but I wouldn't go the way you did. Instead of bane shield for example, I would go with armor of damnation, a LOT better Also upgrade them to exalted and I would put them on some cool mount. Also consider using most of the available hero choices. Chaos heroes are one of the most powerful (stat wise) in the game.
- Core, well I'm glad to see some foot slugging for a change ^_^. However, chaos warriors are very versatile and I would make them one way or the other. Consider either "tanking" (chosen, shield, HW = 2+(!) save) or say "breakers" (Khorne, GWs, shields(for range protection)). Also you might want some banner too (you have great onces, but pricey). Marauders are well, not good small units IMO. If anything, big block (20-30) with some equipment of them supported by Warriors on flank(s) might just do the trick.
- Chariots, they might help you with a lots of things, mainly flanking.
- Knights, well if anything, I would marked them and gave them a banner. Warbanner sound very nice for them.
- Protection from warmachines, and shooting in general, is a must. Get some Chaos hounds, marauder horsemen or screamers of Tzeench. Really, you don't even need to kill the crew on charge, just tie em up.

Few things, try to figure out what you want to run, MSU (mass small units) works well but not with every unit. Chaos knights for example are born MSU (to expensive to run with extra ranks, wastes precious attacks.) where marauders are not. If you want foot slugging, don't forget some flanking support. Whether chariots, daemons, hounds or knights, flanks are priceless, don't forget it.

Otherwise, play few games, figure out what you like and make some conclusions after that.

P.S. Grunt90 -> Chaos (legal lists, bar chaos dwarfs) doesn't have war machines.

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