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Running a Campaign here, need some info
Old 16 Jan 2008, 03:47   #1 (permalink)
lonely tau
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Default Running a Campaign here, need some info


From a little bit of late night insanity of mine, and some recruitment (meaning Red_Dog :P) we've decided to try and get some sort of campaign for the most underloved section on this site (At least people make jokes about the Dark Eldar, we don't even get that!)

Right now we're taking a bit of a census of the Warhammer players to see how many of what we have that can play who.

If you didn't understand that, or even if you did, please fill this out and post:

Army:[Which army you would play in the campaign]
Opposing Armies:[Which armies you face, in order of most to least often]

Even if you're not thinking about playing in this campaign, please post in here with the requested information, it'll make our job a lot easier. Thank you all in advance.

Edit: We'll be having another topic sooner or later, as soon as R_D gets it up. This thread is now sign-up for anyone who can join. Please still state the aforementioned information, and anything else you feel like you should say.
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Default Re: Running a Campaign here, need some info

Name: Trogdor
Army: My Dwarfs. Gun avoiding, axe swinging, beer-loving, elve-hating Dwarfs
Opposing Armies: And here is the downside: Where I live now there are zero opponents... no hobby club, no store, no players to be found via internet, nada. It is outrageous, some kind of conspiracy for sure. So my gaming opportunities are mostly cut down to participating in tournaments.

But IF any opportunity to actually play a game arises IŽd happily join in for a campaign. Maybe I should look into Lorenzo again, or hope they get that Vassal-Fantasy Mod up and running sometime soon.

Greetz, Trogdor
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Default Re: Running a Campaign here, need some info

Name: Pettsy
Army: Night Reavers (High Elves)
Opposing Armies: Dark Elves, Night Goblins, Ogres.

Just a quick question. Are we limited to playing just a single army? Or could we swap between different armies during the campaign?

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Default Re: Running a Campaign here, need some info

Army: Lizardmen (If I start this year...)
Opposing Armies: If my friends start, Tomb Kings and others.
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Default Re: Running a Campaign here, need some info

I've only really got one opponent in my immediate area, so if I can get him in on it I'll play for sure
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Default Re: Running a Campaign here, need some info

Armyark elves
Opposing Armies:Chaos, vampire counts and ogre kingdoms
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Running a Campaign here, need some info

Name: Sigmar
Army: High Elves
Oppossing Armies : Wood Elves, Orcs & Goblins, Dwarfs

If you're after some stats on the most used armies, check out my blogsite. I ran a popular poll, the results are here:-


It might give you an idea of which armies will be coming up most.
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Default Re: Running a Campaign here, need some info

Veq -

Armies - Dwarfs, Chaos [Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh, Beastmen, DoW, Ogre Kingdoms, Wood Elves, Lizardmen, Orks. [I can use whatever the campaign needs most].

Enemies - Vampire Counts, Tomb Kings, Wood Elves, Skaven, Dwarfs, Dark Elves, Lizardmen.
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Default Re: Running a Campaign here, need some info

Name: shiki
Armies: Dwarfs
Enemies: Vampire Counts, empire(if my friend fixes his army up)
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Default Re: Running a Campaign here, need some info

Name:Kaffl (My General shall be known as Ethiir Wicca!)
Army:Vampire Counts
Opposing Armies:Wood Elves, High Elves, Ogre Kingdoms, Lizardmen, Hordes of Chaos, Bretonnians, Tomb Kings, Empire, Beasts of Chaos, and no Dark Elves. I didn't include other Vampire Counts, but probably would come in front of Tomb Kings.

So yeah, I can bring 2K for a while if that matters even a little, and I've got the awesome Vlad von Carstein model from the Spearhead. So if you need a Vlad, I've got him.
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