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2,000pt Asur Army for Review
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Default 2,000pt Asur Army for Review

Hey guys,

I’ve been challenged to a game by a regular at my local store for this weeks Vets Night and I was more than eager to accept his challenge. He refused to tell me which of his armies he will be using so as to add an extra challenge for the game. So not knowing whether he will field a fast moving army of heavy cavalry or a horde of some kind I came up with this list.

Due to the size of my High Elf army I can change some units for any of the following:
-2 Nobles
-1 Mage
-1 Dragon Mage
-10 Archers
-15 White Lions
-1 Bolt Thrower

However I want to use Alith and the Shadow Warriors so I won’t be removing them.


Alith Anar 245pts


Mage 175pts
With level 2, Annulian Crystal.

Mage 175pts
With level 2, Staff of Sorcery.

Core Units

20 Lothern Seaguard 285pts
All have shields. Full command.

20 Lothern Seaguard 285pts
All have shields. Full command.

Special Units

8 Shadow Warriors 128pts

15 Swordmasters 225pts
Full command.

10 Silver Helms 270pts
All have shields. Full command.

Rare Units

Bolt Thrower 100pts

Bolt Thrower 100pts

Total: 1,988pts

Thanks in advance.
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