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What should I give my (possible) future Orc Warboss?
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Default What should I give my (possible) future Orc Warboss?

Sorry for no post in a while, I was in Jackson hole, Wyoming to see some relatives (Very snowy, got stuck in terrible traffic due to a closed road on the way there, got to ride in a snowmobile to see Old Faithful, and all sorts of stuff :P.)

Moving along...

I have two questions for IF I get an Orc Warboss anytime soon

1. Should I make him a Black Orc Warboss?

2. What do you reccomend? Wargear wise?

I plan on giving him:

A Choppa
Guzzlas' Battle brew
Armour of Gork
Spiteful shield

Does this sound good to you?

P.S I also got to go tubing at a place called Snow King while in Jackson
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