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Dogs of War: Blocked, Boxed Set Construction to 1500
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Default Dogs of War: Blocked, Boxed Set Construction to 1500

So, because I'm a cheap-o, and want to play with an army at every stage, I wrote up a Dogs of War List in blocks of 250 and 500, that fits in completely with detachments. Here's the first section:

500 Points

20 Pikemen with Standard Bearer, Musician, Champion, and Heavy Armor.

250 Points.

Pikemen are rock solid infantry, with first-strike on the first turn of combat and fighting in four ranks. A must.

10 Crossbowmen with Musician.

90 Points.

Cheap missile troops. The musician is to make sure that an ill timed panic test loses the unit, and also makes sure that I can use the flee reaction and have a good chance of rallying next turn.

Paymaster with crossbow, heavy armor, Amulet of Protection, and shield.

86 Points.

The required Paymaster acts like the Battle Standard Bearer, but also has the drawback of causing Panic in every single unit when killed. Thus, I gave him a crossbow, with the plans on sticking him in the crossbow unit. The Amulet of Protection is to represent the power of holding a key to a big chest of money .

Captain with barded warhorse, heavy armor, shield, and lance.

74 points.

This is the actual commander. He goes with the Pikeman block, and supports them. The barded warhorse is more for the extra 2 points of armor save than for movement, and also to use the second Captain in the Captain boxed set.

The next block of 250 will include a small unit, cannon, and some magic items. Afterwards, another pikeman/crossbowman mix, by buying another Detachment boxed set, as well as (again) some magic items, will fill in another 500 points. Finally, a unit of Voland's Venators will round it out to 1500.

This entire army can be assembled through boxed sets. Comments?

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