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Lahmian Vampires: how do you use them?
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Default Lahmian Vampires: how do you use them?


Recently I've been trying to shift to something different for each game in our Fantasy days, namely having already gone from Necromancer, to Blood Dragon Vampire, to Lahmian Vampire. Now so far I thought about basing my army off of the Lahmians, as I believe they have a pretty cool army background and just all around cool ness to them.

Now, I'm proud of how well I did with my vampire, having equipped her with a Tomb Blade and a unit of skeletons I think she did well. But my biggest question stems from the equipment, and what you give her? Is she more suited for a support role, a combat role, or a character destroying role?

Any insight you can give me on this would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
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Default Re: Lahmian Vampires: how do you use them?

I've never played VC of any flavor, but if i did it would Lahmians, as they are subtle and mysterious.

They look to be an all-around good vampire, but not one that dominates in any particular phase of the game, so I tended to think of them in terms of unit-buffing. The Tomb Blade is indeed cool, but you can only take one, so you may as well give this to a Thrall, as your Gen Countess/Lady will want to be tooled up for survival. With no good armor options, and very few good Ward options, I'd say put her in a maxed-out Skellie unit to protect her from shooting and give her Innocence Lost for starters. Even a Lahmian Vamp is capable of bashing skulls in CC, and IF (plus high I) lets her strike first, which should clear out models in B2B more often than not. Quickblood is neat for 30 points, but 5+ Ward is hardly be-all-end-all.For 5 pts more you can get 4+ WS with Crown of the Damned, but my DE Cold One knights have failed too many Stupidity tests to make this a truly viable option in my eyes. Instead, I would go with the Blood Drinker sword (and ASF) to keep her alive as long as possible. Ward Saves can be failed, but killing models in CC will ALWAYS regenerate a wound.

Aside from that, a robust magic phase would be helpful, so I'd suggest a Countess, a Thrall, and two kitted-out Necros for 2k.For the Countess, I reccomend the Lore of Death... it has some lovely magic missiles, as well a s a few good disruption/augmentation spells. The Necros I'd go necromancy (duh) to buff/create units where needed, and to use the Necro spells to do their thing.

Things to avoid: I'd steer clear of the special lahmian powers, as there are a lot of units that are Immune to Psychology or have high enough Ld to render them useless, although if you know you're playing O&G (with their low Ld), it may be worthwhile to load up on them. No Ghouls or Zombies. These are just grimy and filthy and Lahmians aren't about that.

Things to do: Have fun with the army, and when you can talk your opponent into it for a fun game, use the Lahmian alternate army rules for Swains to add in characters from other armies. Speaking of other armies, go nuts using other army model ranges for your army. Obvious choices here are Spirit Hosts and Black Knights, but with the plastic kits feel free to mix and match.
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