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From Tau to Skaven (Army list included)
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Default From Tau to Skaven (Army list included)

Hey everyone. Haven't posted in a while since i've been working on a whole slew of things including a book, but i've been lurking on the forums, don't worry.

Anyway, i've been planning on starting Skaven once i'm finished collecting about 1500 points of Tau, of which i'm halfway done with. My Tau force is a hybrid one, as one can obviously see, and I feel that moving onto a complete swarm army like the Skaven should be pretty fun. I also happen to love their models.

The main goals of this thread are:

- What should I expect from a larger Skaven force as I build up my forces?
- What direction should I be building in?
- How can I build a force that is efficient at its swarminess? (as in, there are lots of units, but they have well-defined purposes)
- Is this following starting list decent? Even though I have no experience with Fantasy Battle, i'd prefer constructive criticism, although it probably does suck. :P


Hero 1: (1x Skaven Chieftain)
(Sword of Might +1 S; Heavy Armor) Total: (69 pts)
[size=7pt] (Added strength to.. well.. slice things up.) [/size]

Hero 2: (1x Skaven Chieftain)
(Biting Blade -1 Sv; Enchanted Shield 5+ Sv; Heavy Armor) Total: (69 pts)
[size=7pt] (He lasts a little longer and does slightly better in combat.) [/size]

Hero 3: (1x Skaven Chieftain)
(Sword of Battle +1 A; Heavy Armor) Total: (74 pts)
[size=7pt] (Gives extra attacks to whatever he's attached to.) [/size]


Core 1: (25x Clan Rats)
(Regular.) Total: (125 pts)
[size=7pt] (A standard regiment of rats meant to meatshield for my more important teams. They can probably do some slight damage in their masses, too.) [/size]

Core 2: (25x Clan Rats)
(Regular.) Total: (125 pts)
[size=7pt] (Ditto. I need these guys so I can get my other teams.) [/size]

Core 3: (25x Clan Rats)
(Regular.) Total: (125 pts)
[size=7pt] (Ditto once more.) [/size]

Core 4: (15x Stormvermin)
(Regular and shields.) Total: (135 pts)
[size=7pt] (These are my "heavy hitters," in the sense that they'll be in melee with anyone that my clanrats can't destroy. The shields are there so that they'll hopefully last slightly longer.) [/size]

Core 5: (40x Clanrat Slaves)
(Regular.) Total: (80 pts)
[size=7pt] (A large, expendable meatshield that won't cause panic if they die. They don't just meatshield for my Jezzails, they meatshield for other units too.) [/size]


Special 1: (5x Warplock Jezzails)
(Regular.) Total: (100 pts)
[size=7pt] (These guys are for punching through heavy armor and most of the heavier stuff that stands in the way of my clanrat swarms.) [/size]

Special 2: (5x Warplock Jezzails)
(Regular.) Total: (100 pts)
[size=7pt] (Ditto. These guys are broken up into two groups so that they won't get overwhelmed.) [/size]


[size=14pt]Army Total: (1002 pts.) [/size]

Thanks to Rapouc for Chrismas-izing my avatar!

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