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Vampire counts questions
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Default Vampire counts questions

hello, me and my brother are starting this together, threw a few questions i came out with the cult of slaanesh darkelves alternative...so my brother wanted some questions asked too.

basicly, he loves the vampire counts, but there are some units that he doesnt like that much.

first, what units are NEEDED, can the 2 core choices be direwolves? or do they need a skeli/zombie regiment.

the second, can necromacers actualy summon Zombie and skelitons?? and do they cost anythign when summoned? my oppinions of this army is kind of like havign a few leaders sittign back summoning regiments non stop, am i right?

well, to HIS question.

he only realy likes the "dire wolves, batswarms, fellbats, actual vampire (from the hero/lord/special choices) the banshee's the wraiths, and the necromancers...so would it be possible to have an army JUST of these? (not onyl possible but functional and able to win)
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Default Re: Vampire counts questions

no. The army would not be functional, if legal at all. I believe dire wolves do not count towards the minimum amounts of core units.

And yes,t he necromancers can summon whole units. They dont cost you anything (obviously), but if they are killed (and is a new unit, not just an add on to another unit), the opponent will gain victory points for them.

The army he is looking for would fail miserably. UNdead need combat res to survive, and the army would have no static combat resolution. Also, the only unit you listed that would deny enemy ranks, and that would be the Dire wolves.
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