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Trying to choose an army
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Default Trying to choose an army

My friends are getting into WFB so I looked up some armies and found what I liked...and I settled on the Skaven...now I don't know much about WFB (don't even have rules) but getting around to it! What I liked about skaven

-Life is Cheap
-special weapons
-mutated rat freaks
-never played a retarded army before

What I would like is some Skaven advice for a new pup! Currently I'm planning on going either Moulder or Skyre but not sure. Also what are the strengths of the list? The weaknesses? Is it a broken army?
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Default Re: Trying to choose an army

Alright, here is my expertise on skaven:

Skryre: It's shiney, and can blast the enemy to shit normally. It is expensive, and will often blow up when you need it the most. If you do an all skryre army, prepare to be called cheesy or beardy. Try to steer clear of the SAD army, it demoralizes all skaven armies.

Moulder: It's fast, fairly cheap and effective in combat. Rat ogres have to be used correctly or they will become pin cushions. Giant rats are one of the most underrated (if not the most) in a skaven army. They are cheaper than clanrats, havea higher movement and get the whip attacks in addition to the rest. The downsides to moulder, are the lack of command as well as armour.

Now, about the reasons you picked them, they are good reasons. Especially the last one.

The most important thing about skaven, is about the last point. Be prepared for games to go very badly.

If you need more help, go to www.underempire.net because it is the largest skaven forum on the net.
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Default Re: Trying to choose an army

Haha, I was thinking of going Skaven for the exact same reasons. Especially them being retarded and blowing up. They look really characterful and amusing to play.
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