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Von Carstein 1000 pt
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Default Von Carstein 1000 pt


After playing Warhammer 40k for a few years I thought i would expand my armies to the lands of fantasy! After much thinking I decided upon the Vampire Counts as i like the thought of massive undead hordes! This is my first fantasy list ever and PLEASE rip it to shreds.

Von Carstein 1000 points.


Vampire Thrall-88
Additional hand weapon, Heavy Armour

Level 2, book of Arkhan

Core Units

Skeletons x29-247
Hand weapons, shields, musician, standard bearer

Skeletons x28-239
Hand weapons, shields, musician, standard bearer

Skeletons x20-195
Spears, shields, musician, standard bearer

Dire Wolves x10-100


Basically I just wanted lots of skeletons, The Thrall is there for extra cc help with the necromancer healing/summoning more guys. The dire wolves will probably be used for taking out war machines and other oddities.

And again any help is appreciated and dont be afraid to say anything about it!!

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