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I hate those pesky stunties with their long beards!
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Default I hate those pesky stunties with their long beards!

This is the start to my High elves army I want to build this to 1,500 pts and yes there are alot of Dwarf players at my local.

Commander Stoic 140 pts
Lion Guard
Pure of heart
Battle standard bearer

Mage 180 pts
Lv 2 wizard
dispell scroll

Mage 180 pts
Lv 2 wizard
Power stone

20 spearmen 275 pts
Full command
War banner

10 archers 120 pts

10 archers 120 pts

1015 pts

Comments and criticism welcome as well as what I should get next.
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Default Re: I hate those pesky stunties with their long beards!

Why not take a cloak of beards for your commander?

If I were you I would get a repeater bolt thrower or some silver helms

Other than that good list.
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Old 21 Sep 2006, 11:00   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: I hate those pesky stunties with their long beards!

There's not enough heavy hitting power in it. For 1000 points, all your troops have a max. S 3 with no armour piercing values....

Take a bolt thrower and some silver helms... The bolt thrower gives you strength and piercing power plus the silver helms are strong with good armour and fast.

How large are you intending your force to go?

Your main advantage is speed, make good use of this. Shadow Warriors are quite hard to shoot and fast compared to a dwarf and might make good war machine crew hunters. This also applies to great eagles though they'll attract a lot more attention.

Bolt throwers can be used to puncture the highest armour of all or even to blow up a gyrocopter or 6 shot at crew.

Swordmasters pack a powerfull punch, very skilled and strong and would make quick work of a dwarven unit if thy survive the artillery, and the same can be said for the white lions, however these guys are much more resilient to shooting!

Comparing the amount of gunpowder aimed at you, I'd take silver helms rather thand ragon princes simply because they might attract lots of fire. The phoenix guard I'd leave behind, fear won't do much and they are niether strong enough or armoured enough to go head to toe with a dwarf.

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Default Re: I hate those pesky stunties with their long beards!

Not a HE plyaer, but as a DE player I contemplate their strengths and weaknesses often.

First, everything Del said about Swordmasters and more. For this reason, you may wish to consider the Swordmaster honor for your commander... the GW will more than likely do more good than the Lion Cloak vs dwarfs and their fancy cannons, which don't allow an armor save anyway, plus the GW will help cut through that armor.

The Seer honor is pretty expensive, but the ability to pick and choose your spells is not to be underestimated... make sure you figure out the best spells to use if you're spending that many points. Lore of Metal might be your best bet... lots of stuff that seems tailor made to make Dwarven life miserable. ;D Lore of Life Master of Stone might also be a good spell considering the stunty propensity for setting up powderlines on hills. With that said, the steroetypical HighElfy tactic of heavy magic might mean a third caster, for 2 reasons 1. to draw out Dwarf's extra DD, thus 2. possibly getting more spells off.
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