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Dogs of WAR
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Default Dogs of WAR

I'm starting the dogs of war and need advice on my list.

I'm a bit woried about magic as I can't get many wizards in this list.

Barron Alexanders Defense Force

Heroes-Pay master: Morning star, sheild, heavy armor (4+) 83

General (Barron Alexander)-Captain: sword of might,Enchanted sheild, heavy armor (3+) 84

Wizard-Fire magic 60

Core-20 pikemen-champion-standerd bearer-heavy armor (5+) 240

Core-20 pikemen-champion-standerd bearer-heavy armor (5+) 240

Core-20 pikemen-champion-standerd bearer-heavy armor (5+) 240

Core-10 crossbow men 80

Core-10 crossbow men 80

Core-8 Heavy Cavalry-champion, Barding 168

Special-15-Pay masters guard, Heavy armor 150

Rare-cannon 85

Total 1505

Originally Posted by Savon Saal
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Default Re: Dogs of WAR

Overall, I like the list. If you're worried about magic, take some dispell scrolls. However, because of 7th ed, you shouldnt have to worry as much about magic.

Also, since the pay masters guard are so expensive, you should buy a command for them. Otherwise they will just be overrun very easily.

The only thing I dont like, is the lack of light cavalry. They are very good for pestering and annoying the enemy.
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Default Re: Dogs of WAR

Nice list, though I suggest removing one pikemen unit and bulking the remaining two up to about 28+ men each. That way, they are much more intimidating. Pikemen loose their power once the unit goes benieth 15 strong, so lots of men will keep you fighting longer. Also, I've found giving pikes heavy armour to be a waste of points. Get more men instead!

If you follow these pointers you might be able to fit in some cheap light cavalry, which I find to be so useful that my Bretonnians rarely leave the castle without some of their own!
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