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Dark Elf List- 2k, no COK's
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Old 15 Sep 2006, 14:33   #1 (permalink)
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Default Dark Elf List- 2k, no COK's

I decided that I wanted to travel the less-beaten path for my newest Dark Elf list. My recent trips to the game shop for new models have inspired me, as well as recent discussion and debate here.


Highborn, General
m/o Manticore
Armor of Darkness
Crown of Black Iron
381 pts

m/o Dark Steed
Crimson Death
hvy armor
121 pts

m/o Dark Steed
Sword of Might
Ring of Hotek
hvy armor, shield
128 pts

Sorceress, Lvl 2
Seal of Ghrond
Darkstar Cloak
175 pts


Dark Riders, 6 ea, M
127 pts

Dark Riders, 6 ea, M
127 pts

Dark Riders, 6 ea, RXB's, M
151 pts

Corsairs, 16 ea, FC, Warbanner
210 pts


Shades, 7 ea
98 pts

Shades, 6 ea
84 pts

Harpies, 6 ea
78 pts


RBT, 2 crew
100 pts

War Hydra, 2 apprentices
220 pts

2,000 pts total

I designed this army around a solid center of the Warhydra, supported by the Corsairs (and resident Sorc) . The rest of the army is on flanking and harassment duty.

Each unit of Dark Riders (no RXB's) gets a Noble. The Noble with RoH > and SoM is on Mage-hunting duty , the other Noble and his unit are basically the closest thing to close support that the Hydra gets. The unit with RXB's will try to draw out a unit or two from the Hydra, and to harass targets of oppurtunity.

Shades will be harassing targets of oppurtunity. Depending on terrain, I'll deploy one forward and one a bit back. The Harpies seem strange in light of comments I posted, oh, an hour or so ago, but with the army's theme of mass-harassment, why not? If nothing else, they'll make for a nice flank charge in support of the Hydra.

The general and his manticore will be freelancing. His deployment is my only real point of contention. I can place him close to the Hydra, but if I deploy him away from the Hydra, I should be able to better utilize Terror. (Believe me, i was VERY tempted to give one of the Nobles the Deathmask, and v1.01 may include it.)

I built this army around the idea of an army that would be fun and characterful. Two sources of Terror (one that's mobile) that can actually put up a fight seemed like a good way to occupy some territory. The rest of the army is there to support these units. My only real concern is the small size of the army... usually I fit in a lot more models... of course, none of them are T 5, so that might balance itself out.

"What you have are bullets, and the hope that when your guns are empty I'm no longer standing. Because if I am, you'll all be dead before you've reloaded."
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Default Re: Dark Elf List- 2k, no COK's

Well, I love the theme of your list and oh god would I love to see it on a table, but i've some slight queries and suggestions, even considerations you might like to try:

1) Your characters are all quite flimsy, the highborn has a 2+ armour granted but then a crown of black iron could be upped to a heart stone of darkness for een beter protection at a meagre 10 points. The one noble with CD only has a 4+ armour save, give him a SDC to buff it a little otherwise hes very very fragile. Though the unit will grant him some protection..

2) This is something that has no real requirement but a suggestion all the same - Have you given any thought to Mengil Manhide's Manflayers? My favourite unit in the druchii arsenal - they scout with crossbows so fill the role of a shade, however are damn near impossible to shoot and much tougher. They are also better shooters and poisoned, plus pretty darn good in close combat! They could fill a needed role of combat support in your army. They are very expensive however.

The more I go over your army however, the more I begin to love it and fear suggesting too much for loosing it's fantastic feel. The only problems I see is if you come up against a dwarf or defense/artillery orientated dwarf army.

-The Bleak Assassin-
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Default Re: Dark Elf List- 2k, no COK's

Personally, I am not a fan of the list. I prefer the footslogging army, although neveryone has different tactics.

Something the list could use is the terror causing assassin

I would advise against having your general on a manticore, because if that gets taken out, you're down a lot of points. They gain 481 points just by killing the rider and the armourless mount. Also, because it is a large target, it will be a prime subject for shooting.

On your nobles I would advise the sea dragon cloak. It's not too expensive, and it's a +1 or +2 to your save, in addition to heavy armour.

On your sorc, drop the darkstar cloak and take a scroll. You're not goign to cast much anyway at 2k with only 1 lvl 2 sorc.

Other than that, the list seems good.
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