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Trying to decide on army
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Default Trying to decide on army

I'm about to start fantasy and want an army out of these 3, bretonnia, hordes of chaos and skaven. I'm looking for a force thats pretty tough and has a devastating charge.
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Default Re: Trying to decide on army

If you're looking for an army that hits hard, hordes or bret would be your army (out of the three). Skaven dont hit hard generally, they just overwhelm with numbers. Brettonia arguably has a harder charge due to the lance formation (and gets better CR because they only need three models (cavalry) for a rank bonus (I think)). Chaos are just a lot better at accepting a charge. They have the fiercest warriors in the game, that can take a beating.

However, with brettonians, you also get peasants, and the trebuchet.
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Default Re: Trying to decide on army

Well, skaven is'nt really up there with brets or chaos as brownmcoy said, however there are huge difference between bretonnia and chaos.

Chaos the the best close combat warriors in the games, aligning to a different god giving you daemons makes them truly formiddable with intense offensive magic (excluding khorne who makes up for it by being THE best close combat army). They pack a punch with chosen warriors being scary as hell to winess on a battlefield, I know. They took a 12 strong unit or rxbowmen, 8 shades and 10 mengil manhides to reduce only a unit of 5 to 2 over 3 turns. Marauders are quite cheap yet still strong and good meat shields giving you a cheaper option. The onyl main drawback it no shooting capabilities (unless you count the hellcannon). I'd choose chaos, Strong, tough and mean as hell - well, chaos!

Bretonnia can have an entirely mounted army which is also a nasty charge when lead right, lances in those numbers pack a punch. An army designed and fluffed up with knights makes their charge strong and damn near unstoppable. They're nowhere near as good at recieving charge as chaos, but as most are mounted, the occasion when they need to be is rare! The trebuchet is a powerfull piece of artillery and the peasent good archers at a steal, they can mix many forms of attack. I personally love the pegasus knights, flying doom and the models simply look fantastic. Thy're a complete different feel and look to chaos, much faster at getting across the field, but less durable!

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Default Re: Trying to decide on army

Brettonians- if the hard hitting devastating charge is what you want

the core is knigths with a special lance formation that is better with the new rank requierments- but chaos warriors can take a beating

if you like the legend of king Arthur hen brets are a must- just reading the army book is worth a laugh (lady of the lake, the green knight, morgiana le fay etc.
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Default Re: Trying to decide on army

Brets it is then got myself the army book the day and a paladin so I'll get the battleforce next thanks guys.
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