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Restarting Dwarfs
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Default Restarting Dwarfs

A long long time ago, I had the plan of starting Dwarfs. However, I got sidetracked. My friend has persuaded me to split the Battle of Skull Pass with him, me getting the Dwarfs. However, I do not possess the new army book, just the old one, so I do not have point costs. However, from the GW articles on their site, I know of some of the new editions, so here is a rough design for an army list. Once I buy the new army book, I will create a more formal army list, including point values. I am aiming for around 3000 right now.

1 Lord w/ Shieldbearers, Gromril Armor, Shield, Hand Weapon w/ Rune of Fury, Master Rune of Alaric the Mad

1 Thane w/ Oath Stone (is to be placed with Ironbreakers), Hand Weapon, Gromril Armor, Shield

1 Master Engineer w/ Gromril Armor, Shield, Hand Weapon, Dwarf Handgun

1 Dragon Slayer w/ Slayer Axe, Master Rune of Gromril

Core Units
16 Dwarf Warriors w/ Shields, Hand Weapons

16 Dwarf Warriors w/ Shields, Hand Weapons

16 Dwarf Warriors w/ Shields, Hand Weapons

12 Longbeards w/ Shields, Hand Weapons

10 Thunderers w/ Shields, Dwarf Handguns

10 Thunderers w/ Shields, Dwarf Handguns

10 Quarrelers w/ Shields, Crossbows (should I replace with Rangers?)

Special Units

10 Ironbreakers w/ Shields, Hand Weapons

10 Slayers w/ Slayer Axes

1 Grudge Thrower w/ Engineer

2 Bolt Throwers (1 w/ Engineer)

1 Cannon w/ Engineer, rune that increases accuracy

Rare Units

1 Flame Cannon

I am not sure if I can fit all of this in this amount of points, but I will try, perhaps dropping some things. How is this extremely rough design?

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