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Review of the new Main Rule Book
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Default Review of the new Main Rule Book

Please note that this is the Collector's Edition (#535) and there may be some discrepancies from the regular rule book that I may be unaware of.

If I had to sum up the new rule book in one sentence it would be the following. While the book has amazing production quality and the rules are very clear and improved, there are a few baffling omissions. While I won't assign a score to either copy (What other choice is there?) I will compare each aspect to the previous edition.

Particular to the Collector's edition:
Before I had this book in my hands I was worried about the wear and tear affecting it and was planning on getting a standard rule book for regular use. Now all I'm worried about is theft. The thing is about as solid as it could be. The pages are thicker than construction paper and gilded in copper, and just won't tear accidentally. To the unmedicated, such as I, the gilded edges (a bright reflective copper) are practically worth the extra 40$ disregarding the other benefits. The textured cover feels very sturdy, and is a bit more rigid than the 40k cover. The print on the front is very impressive, as is the Imperial symbol on the back, but curiously, there are no markings on the spine. That may be due to the book like container they ship it in, which is very sturdy and is sealed magnetically, a nice touch. There is an understated Imperial symbol embossed on the front of this container that you might not immediately notice. Even if this were not limited (most know that the Collector's edition will likely not appreciate in value) I would still consider it worth the extra 40$ due to the high quality materials and extra frills.

Pertaining to both Standard and Collector's Editions:
While I haven't delved too far into the rules as of yet the dioramas and explanations are all very clear. Magic has been the most significantly changed. Seven of the eight schools have lost an old spell and gained a new one, the Lore of Fire being the only Lore not to receive an new spell. The Lores do seem more balanced now, while still retaining their distinct nature. GW wasn't kidding when they said the new Miscast table is brutal. For instance, if you roll snake eyes after the miscast you now not only automatically lose your mage, but also every model around him takes a strength 10 hit. And since the independent character rules have been nixxed... The gaming portion is well done, if a bit sparse. New to this edition is an extensive history of the Warhammer World, which includes army backgrounds and lasts a whopping 78 pages. This is probably the biggest improvement of this edition, and of course the art is fantastic. It seems to have come at an expense. The little blurbs of fluff prevalent in the older edition are absent. For me this is was a huge loss, I loved reading about Goblin cannibalism and the like, and wish GW hadn't decided to replace the fluff with a section that resembles a history textbook. Just because they added one shouldn't mean they had to subtract another. Also most of the scenarios and all of the terrain generators have been cut. You see what I mean by "Baffling omissions?" The solution is obvious. Buy the new Edition and enjoy the high quality art and clarity of the rules, but keep the old for its terrain generators and scenarios. It's a shame, though, that the new edition's scope was limited in such a way.
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Default Re: Review of the new Main Rule Book

sound cool i get mine tomorrow i cant wait
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Default Re: Review of the new Main Rule Book

The day it came out they had a big wharhammer day but, only 1 employee was there and I was most knolegeable in fantasy at the time(very sad) I played games with the pepole who just got there battle of skull pases.

But after that I played a game of fantisy with a friend and couldn't find the seige index in this book.
It was devistating.

I'm very mad that they don't have the index's for diffren things.

Good quality though.
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Default Re: Review of the new Main Rule Book

I got my gamers edition the other day. I saw the 'bible' of a rulebook, and was in awe. It's amazing!

Overall, I love the changes, with the acception of the few rules i'm about to state:

Ratling guns being able to get targetted. The rule they had before made perfect sense, although 5" was a wee bit much.

The double overrun thing. I am not a fan of the rule. Plain and simple.

The swarm CR thing. You paid 45-65 points for them for a reason! They were already horrendously overpriced WITHOUT losing wounsd. Now I wont be able to justify spending soo many points on them.

However, I LOVE all teh enw magic rules. I always thought that the older miscast table was too.... how would I say it.... seriously, how would I? Weak?
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Default Re: Review of the new Main Rule Book

I got mine last night (we were a week behind for no apparent reason).

I like the re-balanced Magic lists. No more swapping for Second Sign, yayyy! My only beef was the nerfing of Creeping Death (Shadows). It used to be one of my favorite spells to roll up. But S 1 hits... *groan*

It also appears that shooting just got a little better for those who bring hordes of archers. I'm doing a triple take right now. According to the rules, if I'm shooting at a large target, or troops on a hill, then all ranks can draw a line of sight and fire. I may have to reconsider the uselessness usefulness of the repeater crossbow. I may also have to reconsider mounting my general on a manticore in light of this. :-\

Aside from that, the rules haven't gone through any revolutionary changes, in fact, about 90% of it looks like a Copy and Paste from 6th (except of course the changes). That said, this edition seems to be slightly more logical in the rules layout. A beginner should have no problem digesting the basic rules, which would be the most important criterion.

As to the rest:

Background: I was pleased to see that each army got a few pages of love, as opposed to 6th which was a bit human-centric for my pointy-eared tastes. I particularly liked the army layouts... now I know the difference between a Yhetee and a Gorger. (Update from game shop: Still no OK stuff sold.)

Hobby: Well done, again, it looks like they had beginners in mind when they wrote it up and laid it out. Which is a good thing, as the success of the hobby depends largely on new initiates. (At the shop I frequent, about 80% of the people play 40k exclusively. If a pretty new rule book convinces a few people to start a Fantasy army, everyone wins. The 40k players get to try a new game, the Fantasy players get more match-ups, and the store might actually sell some OK stuff. )

Artwork: Most of it gave me a sense of deja vu, but the drawings are, with few exceptions, gorgeous.

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Default Re: Review of the new Main Rule Book

I like the fact that skirmishers can't march all the flip'n time now, nothing was more annoying as having wood elves weave their way past my blocks of infantry.

I'm starting to get used to the idea of the really nasty miscast table, we'll see.
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Default Re: Review of the new Main Rule Book

One complaint is the lack of rules clarifications that 6th had... not so much a problem for those of us who have played under 6th, but might be a bit of an issue for spanking-new players.
"What you have are bullets, and the hope that when your guns are empty I'm no longer standing. Because if I am, you'll all be dead before you've reloaded."
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Default Re: Review of the new Main Rule Book

T Pok, they do have an index, the thing that miffs me off the most is some ambiguous rules in the magic phase

making a 50pt captain stronger with two bear anger spells for example >
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