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Want to start Fantasy, but can't choose an army.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Want to start Fantasy, but can't choose an army.

I have been playing 40k for a while on and off and I have decided to start Fantasy. The three armies I have in mind are either Empire, Bretonnians, or Wood Elves. What are the plus's and minus's to each army and their usual battle strategies?
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Default Re: Want to start Fantasy, but can't choose an army.

speaking as both an empire and bretonnian player.

Pros: jack of all trades
very shooty with black powder weapons
most infantry are designed to hold the line not break it
good choice of magic lores

cons: jack of all trades
generally low toughness the highest being 4 i think
high chances of misfire on some of the war machines

Pros: great selection of knights
lance formation
unit of pure champions
may feild the highest amount of bowmen compared to any other army
cheap cannon fodder, the peasents
some nifty wargear
lance formation
good charge range and line breaking-ness
the trebuchet

cons: knights have huge flanks
again generally low toughness
poor offensive magic, on par defensive magic
limited choice of infantry to hold the line
low leadership for the peasent, but can use any knights ld thats within x"
can be an absolute arse to paint
the trebuchet
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Default Re: Want to start Fantasy, but can't choose an army.

I wouldn't play wood Elves, they're not the best for beginers and many people hate playing against them.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Want to start Fantasy, but can't choose an army.

I am not really looking for an army thats best for beginers. I wan't to get an army that doesn't have a high model count, cause I am not too keen on painting models. I was also starting to consider dwarves as an army. I just don't know what the play styles are of each of the armies, or if any major changes have occured after the new rules edition.
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Default Re: Want to start Fantasy, but can't choose an army.

If you're just starting now I'd reccomend the Dwarves.

Why? Here's the list:

1 - Low model count and easy to paint

2 - Battle for skull pass. You're just starting out so if you get BfSP you get 500 points of dwarves (and goblins!) and a rule book, pretty sweet deal.

3 - Lots of shooting. Dwarven artillery hurts, a lot.

4 - Dead 'ard! There's very little that's tougher than a dwarf!
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Default Re: Want to start Fantasy, but can't choose an army.

For a low model army, virtualy everything can be used, the only army with loads of models are skaven, you can take all orcs, or all saurus and simply leave out the cheaper options. However, then your starting to shun parts of the army list that could leave holes in your defense, so I'd suggest the few basic ones:

Elves, Dwarves, Chaos and Ogres.

The Empire has quite a lot of models with laborious amounts of tedious pinting. Now I'm biased so obviously think elves are the best as that what I play, heres a brief run down:

Elves (Dark or High)
Pros: Fast, Very good ballistic offense - repeater crossbows can churn out a lot of bolts with Reaper to dent anything!, Good Offensive Magic, Fantastic shock troops (Fast and Hard Hitting), Interesting creatures - powerfull hydra, manticore, dragon and anything cold one based- OUCH! Can defend as well as offend, high leadership.
Cons: Very Low Toughness (Max. 3) and most models don't have enough armour (with exception of knights). Low BASIC strength. Usually vastly outnumbered.

Pros: Best defenders in the game with THE best artillery - flame, cannon, bolt, steam and bullet! Very Tough with good armour. Strong and high leadership. Powerfull Runic "magic" and highly anti magical defense. Ruthless units such as slayers and ironbreakers (all but invulnerable).
Cons: Very Very Very slow with low agility, can only really defend - can become boring to play, no real shock troops in close combat in compared to other races, No magic.

Pros: Awesome offendors, very strong and very skilled, high toughness and armour and some fast troops, cheap fodder like marauders which pack a punch to any core troop, or powerfull chaos warriors and knights, the best close combat army in the old world. Access to deamons each of a different aspect to the army- Nurgle is High Toughness and Resilence, Slaanesh is very fast and agile, T'zeentch is highly magical and has ranged flamers, Khorne is brute unrelenting strength and ferocity but NO magic. Any of the other 3 gods has some highly potential and strong magic - khorne has no ranged weaponary at all really.
Cons: Very high points cost so always highly outnumbered, no artillery - except the new hellcannon in special circumstances which is very expensive - and no shooting units.

Pros: Very few models - though larger. Each model has high strength, toughness, multiple wounds and relativly skilled - fantastic all rounders. Specialised troops, some carry cannons, yhetis are fast and good shock troops, abominations are mean as hell and even the most basic bull is deadly. Fantastic hero characters and colourfull magic (my favourite aspect).
Cons: Expect to be outnumbered ridiculously, 3 to 1 against elves, perhaps 10 to 1 againt gobbos or skaven - each ogre counts, so versing highly artillery based empire and dwarves - it's very hard to win!

You've first got to decide what army you like the look of, then read into it to find out if it's your cup of tea/coffee - chaos and dwarves dont aesthetically please me, however ogres and druchii - I love and collect! Hope this helps somewhat - anyone feel free to argue something if you don't feel i've been just!

-The Bleak Assassin-
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