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missing dogs of war
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Default missing dogs of war

When I was reading a white dwarf entry on Dogs of War, I got interested in fielding mercenaries in my army. They seemed fun to use and colorful. But when I was reading the online reg. of renown rules, I noyiced that not all the entries in the magazine were in there. So, where can I find the following units?

Mengil Manhide's Manflayers
Malai Makaisson's Goblin Hewer

Id be grateful for the location of these entries. Thanks!

P.S. I found Giants and Ogre locations.
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Default Re: missing dogs of war

The Goblin Hewer is in the Storm of Chaos book (and pure evil it is, too...). The Manflayers were in WD a while back, but I haven't seen their rules anywhere since.

Dogs of War are cool to use now and again, but are most fun in games where they are fielded as a mercenary army, just because of the mix of troops and their individual talents and traits. It's also easy to imagine them acting in character- I have a unit of 28 pikemen, who were acting as the paymaster's bodyguard. They didn't guard him very well though, and an Orc 'eadbutt spell took him out. The pikemen then nicked the keys to the paychest and ran right off the field... :
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Default Re: missing dogs of war

Mengil's Manflayers - slice and dice, for the right price (or for the sheer hell of it!)

The Dragon Host of Ceyl-Daroir, v2 WIP

Gue'senshi: The 1st Kleistian Grenadiers(edited on 06 April 2006)
v7.3 pdf

Human armed forces for the greater good.
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