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skaven lord?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default skaven lord?

wat magic items should i give my lord?i was thinking may be warp stone armour,blade of black fury and a talisman of protection
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Default Re: skaven lord?

Depending on what I'm fighting and how many wizards I've taken there's two combos I like.

Against anyone with real combat monsters and lots of anti magic I sometimes take this guy:

Warlord w/ heavy armour, sheild, talisman of protection, fell blade

He won't live long but that's ok because he will kill just about anything in combat. It's a great combo against dwarves especially.

In games where I have magical superiority and I want a really nasty suprise to spring I my opponent I take this guy:

Warlord w/ heavy armour, sheild, blade of black fury, warpstone amulet, bands of power.

He has a pretty decent save (4+/4+) and when the bands of power work he gets 6 strength 8 attacks!

I've seen him kill the whole front rank of a chaos warrior unit in one go before.

When you pull off the bands your opponent will hate you, just be careful and don't reveal them to early.
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Default Re: skaven lord?

Alright, as I have said in your army list thread, I tend to not use magic items on my warlord. But when I do, these are my combos:

Warlord equipment:

Bands of power, blade of Black Fury, heavy armour, enchanted shield
has a 3+ armour save, always has 6S4 attacks, and if the bands of power go off, you will have 6S8 attacks!

Warpstone armour, enchanted shield, Desolate Blade
He has a 2+ 'bounce save', meaning that if you succesfully pass an armour save the enemy takes a S4 hit, and he also has S6.

Heavy armour, enchanted shield, weeping blade.
This guy will be there to challenge enemy champions, to boost combat resolution way in your favour. And may also hurt the enemy hero.

But here is how I like to kit out my warlord:
Heavy armour, great weapon. Basically, as a cheap way for LD10.

Grey seer
Before I give any combos, DO NOT EVER use the warpstone amulet on him. It's a cheap wardsave for sure, although with a 1/6 chance of him dying.... it's painful. With a warlord, he's cheap so it's not as painful, although I still wouldnt use it due to them also getting the 100 points for killing the general.

All of these items work well with eachother.

tenebrous cloak. This is for if you are a very risky player and use skitterleap a lot, in the enemy ranks.

The foul pendant: A reliable 5+ ward save.

Warp Scroll: this is an amazing bound spell, that is power level 5. It will often screw over enemy tactics.

Warpstone charm: You may use it if you roll a 1 for a spell you need to get off, for a wardsave, to try change the miscast table result. NOTE: it may not prevent a miscast.

Eye of the Horned Rat: This is very nice. Slight risk of losing a bit of power in one magic phase, but has a very nice payout.

Magic weapons are a waste on grey seers. They cannot change enough stats for it to be worth the points spent. You either have one attack, or 3 attacks at WS3 (blade fo black fury)
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