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what to use DOW iron gut for models ?
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Default what to use DOW iron gut for models ?

i was thinking o adding in a small unit of iron guts to a dark elve list im working on but i dont want to use the models it not fluffy i was thinking maybe small hydra with the same base size as the iron guts
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Default Re: what to use DOW iron gut for models ?

Mercenarys are always fluffy. If you want to use them, use them.

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Default Re: what to use DOW iron gut for models ?

I can think of a dozen reasons why Ironguts would fight for Dark Elves... but since most Ogres can't count past three at the best of times (and that's before their fingers get blown off!), let's stick with these three:


The last two are probably interchangeable.
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Default Re: what to use DOW iron gut for models ?

The Dark Elves are rich and always have plenty of slaves to feed them with...they don't care about whether the slave is useful, so it's a handy way to get rid of injured, old or just plain useless slaves that serve no other purpose
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