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COTEC Arena Of Death
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Default COTEC Arena Of Death

hello one and all. I am here to tell you all about the COTEC Arena of Death.

A brief history (skip over this paragraph if you please...): The COTEC Arena of Death (CaoD), was invented by The Bearer (the head admin of COTEC), and has been rather dead until I revived it for the first league. (January 4, 2006). I have since become the Head of the CaoD, and have released the second version of CaoD. COTEC itself was started back in the SoC, and was in charge of the evil orders (that werent followed hard enough). After that, COTEC lost a lot of active members and started up again as COTEC 2. It is a chaos based forum with many active members.

Now, on to business. What is the CaoD you are probably wondering. It is similar to an Arena of Death, in the sense that there is an umpire that does the rolling and it involves fighting, but that is where the similarities end. In an AoD, the umpire does all the fighting, and there is generally no user input and the users are unaware of what happens until it's over. In the CaoD, three or more people are involved, the umpire and the competetors. Each of the people involved use an interface, which they place terrain and characters and such (and tell the players where everything is put. Then, over MSN or some other chat site, the players move their characters and tell the umpire what they want to do with them! This involves shooting and magic! It is essentially a mini warhammer game with characters!

Right now, there is a campaign being run (by me), and we are looking for participants. We currently have around 12 players, which has been steadily increasing. I am looking for at least 16 competetors, and that is coming very close. Now time for me to stop talking and to post some links!

http://z4.invisionfree.com/cotec/ind...opic=1952&st=0 This is the link to the sign-up thread

http://z4.invisionfree.com/cotec/ind...showtopic=1895 This is the link to the V2 rules

http://chamberoftheeverchosen.net/caod.html This is the CaoD main page. It is currently under construction behind the scenes by The Bearer, as is the main page. The rules and such are also outdated.

Also, the main forum has a new skin and new button set. We are currently making preparations for the second Legacy of the Ancients campaign. The first one was successful until the dissappearance of The Bearer.

Thanks for your attention,
Brown McCoy

(Also, as a note, this was specifically written for TauOnline, it is not a post that has been shown on other forums.)
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