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2000pts Tomb Kings Army List
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Default 2000pts Tomb Kings Army List

Hi all, below is first draft of my new tomb kings army list. Ive had a go using this once and it went 'OK' but I'm a bit rusty so any suggestions/criticisms would be appreciated.


Tomb King
Chariot (Deployed with chariots)
Light Armour
Flair of Skulls
Chariots of Fire

Liche Priest 1
Skeletal Steed (Deployed with Heavy Horsemen)
Dispel Scroll

Liche Priest 2
Dispel Scroll
Hieratic Jar


16 Skeleton Warriors
Champion, Musician & Standard Bearer
Light Armour
Spear & Shield

8 Heavy Horsemen
Champion, Musician & Standard Bearer
Banner of Undying Legion

6 Chariots
Champion, Musician & Standard Bearer

3 Tomb Swarms


3 Ushabti

Tomb Scorpion


Screaming Skull Catapult

Bone Giant

I positioned the warriors, ushabti & bone giant covering one flank and the centre, with liche priest 2 and the SS catapult just behind them. Then using the horsemen and chariots on the other flank, with the tomb scorpion and swarms coming in from behind on the same flank.

I was thinking of replacing the bone giant with either more ushabti or more skellys. Any thoughts?
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