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Starting High Elves/Fantasy altogether, need some advice/info
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Default Starting High Elves/Fantasy altogether, need some advice/info


i have played Lord of the Rings and a bit of 40k and while browsing through the warhammer army range and their corresponding miniature ranges i saw high elf imrik and his dragon and though to myself, "i must have an army led by one of those".

I want to create a force based on caledor, with an elite dragon regiment intent of bringing the fire back into the lost dragons and restoring them to their once famous hour of glory.

My dragon would be a mixture of shades of red, as well as the army to symbloise the fire they are trying to ignite. I believe this is a really good theme in setting up a solid army, as well as having a few joining shadow warriors and a mage.

I want to know roughly how much a commander on dragon would cost, paired with a couple of archer regiments, a group of dragon princes, shadow warriors, and maybe a great eagle or bolt thrower.

I just seem to want to have the feel of facing a skaven player with tonnes of measly little rats as they get shot to pieces before a mighty dragon and the princes charge in and massacre everything else.

All advice welcome and greatly appreciated
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Default Re: Starting High Elves/Fantasy altogether, need some advice/info

I'm going to give you the same advice I give to all elf players. Be prepared to lose alot.

Still it's an interesting army concept but keep in mind that WFB plays very diffrently than 40K or LOTR.
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Default Re: Starting High Elves/Fantasy altogether, need some advice/info

Well, if you want to go crazy with flying reptiles, the War of the Beard High Elf list would be right up your alley!

Only problem is, aside from a War of the Beard Dwarf army (or possibly Lizardmen, Chaos and one or two others) you'd be short of opponents you could conceivably face in an authentic setting - in other words, you can't use it against 'contenporary' Warhammer armies.

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Default Re: Starting High Elves/Fantasy altogether, need some advice/info

Originally Posted by Elcampbello
I'm going to give you the same advice I give to all elf players. Be prepared to lose alot.
Starting out with any army is hard...but a lot of people that lose with Elves are those that swap over to them from something else. I found this problem when I first played Dark Elf pirates...and I'm sure it's the same with the High Elves.

Actually, the only real advice I can give you to playing High Elves is to have a tough disciplined mass of spearmen and archers to let your enemy charge into and then flank him with your nasty Dragon and Dragon Princes...or to have lots of tricksy fast-moving Archer/Shadow Warrior units darting around supported by pinpoint strikes form Silver Helms (themed as miniature Dragon Princes) and buffed up by the fast-moving Dragon and Great Eagles (if you want them). Hammer and sickle worked well with the Dark Elves, but your list with cavalry should be a big bit of nastiness waiting to happen if you manage to keep your units moving and hitting where you want. Against certain rock-hard defensive forces, though, you'll falter...as you will against a strong shooting force that can pick off your fragile striking units.

Your army is neither as strong and durable as a Bretonnian Knight army...but it has a lot more shooting options and it's up to you to make the most of that if you want to go down this path. Either keep it that way...or take some blocks of Spearmen to hold the enemy up and flank them with archers. Nothing should get around them...unless you somehow lose to enemy cavalry (unlikely). Engage and slice them along the flanks in typical Elven style...that's how I see your army working to my mind...though a strong defensive force is probably going to mess you up.
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