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Variation on a theme: Dark Elf Monster List
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Default Variation on a theme: Dark Elf Monster List

There was a discussion on another site about doing a Monster list for Dark Elves. The author's list was quite different from the following list, containing a Dragon, 2 Hydras, and all other units mounted. Pretty neat, I wouldn't mind trying it one day, but he had no magic support. So I came up with my own Monster List, based more around my style of play.

For your pleasure...

High Sorc (lvl3) m/o Manticore
Crown of Black Iron
Darkstar Cloak

Sorc, lvl2, m/o Cold One
Seal of Ghrond

Noble, m/o Cold One
hvy arm, SDC,
Shield of Ghrond
Biting Blade

Dark Riders, 5ea
(3 units= 270)

Cold One Knights, 6ea, SB

Cold One Knights, 5ea, SB
Banner of Murder

Harpies, 6ea

War Hydra
(2 units=440)

2,000 pts
8 PD
6 DD

> muahahahaha >

I like the overall mobility, but best of all, that's 3 sources of Terror, along with 2 sources of Fear. Not the kind of army I'd take to a tournament, where my luck would pit me against the vagaries of fate, Vampire Counts, Tomb Kings, and Daemon Chaos armies, thus rendering the psychological impact of the army moot.

I think I'd probably run Dark Magic for both Sorcs. Shadow magic has two spells which are mostly pointless (Steed of Shadows and Shades of Death) and Death Magic has too many spells to list that are useless against armies with immune to psychology rules. Neat to be able to cast Doom and Darkness on some Black Orcs for kicks, though.

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