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The Lore of Shadow: AKA the best lore in the game
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Default The Lore of Shadow: AKA the best lore in the game

This is going to be a guide to some really great things to do with a really great lore of magic. The Lore of Shadows is one of less obvious lores but still one of the better ones in my opinion. Never take to the battle field without a Shadow Wizard!

The Spells

Steed of Shadows Cast on a 4+

Whoa boy. The things you can do with this spell. First off is the obvious bit of flying your wizard to saftey if there's a nasty group of skirmishers hovering around. But there is a far more potent use of this spell.

The flying assassin

This little trick is worth it's weight in gold. Take a hero level charactor (Lords have better uses elsewhere) and wack him beside your shadow wizard in the deployment. They should be opposit something like a war machine or an enemy wizard, prefareably with a block of infantry beside them to protect them from fire if this dosn't work.

On the first turn move forward as fast as you can. Then fly that hero into that soft target and watch the points roll in. For example an 84pt Empire captain (armour of meteoric iron, great weapon) can casue all kinds of hell for wizards, chariots, and small units of skirmishers. And when he's finished with his target he can run around the back of the enemy army slowing them to a halt.

Air Evac

Defenetly a creative use of the spell is to get vunerable charactors out of combat. Got a BSB you don't want to die when he gets charged by a Khrone lord? Steed of Shadows him out of there. cue one really irate chaos player.

And the best thing about SoS? You can always take it!

Creeping Death Cast on a 6+

Yes, it's only D6 hits and, yes, it's only S3 but it ignores armour saves. Say it with me, it ignores armour saves Ohhh yes. This makes it perfect for things like empire knights, brets, iron breakers and other 1+ nasties. and you can cast it on 2 dice most of the time.

Pelt of Midnight Cast on a 7+

Very, very usefuly. See that block of infantry going for the flank charge but with a reaper bolt thrower beside them? Pelt of midnight can save them from death. Hitting on 6's is some serious doing. To get any kind of dent in a unit you're going to need to fire about 30 missile units at them.

As this is a remain in play you can get a unit up to the target in reletive safty then bring out some other nasty spells to get the scum bags.

Shades of Death Cast on a 8+

Combined with some other spells in this list, you can turn an OK combat unit into a monster. Fear is actualy better than terror as many players will tell you. All you need to do is have a higer combat resolution and wham one broken unit. Get a SoD unit in front combat with something in the side, like fast cavelry, and you can easily break a very expensive unit.

Don't forget a unit that casues fear is also immune to it, mkaing this spell worth it's weight in gold against undead.

Unseen Lurker Cast on a 10+

This is the first spell in the lore that you'll need 3 dice for. But is it well worth that 3 dice. Hell's yeah. In WFB 8" is a long way. Failed a charge? UL. Need to get away from a nasty unit? UL. Want to get over that river? UL.

And remember that assassin tactic from earlier? Combine SoS with UL to get a garganutan charge. In some cases that can be up to 36"! (8" move, 8" UL, 20" SoS)
This will also really screw with your oppenents head. He'll never know where or when that shadow wizard will fly across the board and magic-charge one of his units.

Pit of Shades Cast on a 11+

Ah. The achillies heel of the Lore of Shadows. PoS's main failling is that it uses the small 3" template. In addition there's a 50/50 chance that the maion point of the spell won't work at all! Personaly I'd trade this off for Steed of Shadows. However this could be for you if you have a serious magic missile fetish.

And there you have it. Probobly the best spell list in the game, explained in a way to help you. Have fun with some movement/missile/mind war antics!
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Default Re: The Lore of Shadow: AKA the best lore in the game

Man, I totally agree with you.

Although I do not actually play fantasy, I have got the Bretonnians AB and the Dogs Of War PDF AB, I have been considering starting pure DOW or an Empire army. Anyway, on subject, when I borrowed the fantasy rulebook, from a friend, the lore of Shadow did strike me as one of the best (if not the best).
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Default Re: The Lore of Shadow: AKA the best lore in the game

Lore of Shadow is by far the best of the &#39;normal&#39; Lores of Magic...only Orc magic exceeds it in my obsession...but since only Orcs get it, I don&#39;t count it
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