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Kroot Shaper
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Default 'Ardboyz

Hi guys,
I am starting a 2500 pt black orc army from the SoC book. The army is going to be led by a black orc warboss, all core troops are going to be blocks of black orcs, and for special I am thinking of a boar chariot, with converted crew to look like black orcs.

So I was wandering if anyone here has had experience with or against the 'Ardboyz army, and what your thoughts on them are. By the way the army is supposed to be fluffy, and all units are going to be black orcs, or converted to look like them, like the chariot.

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Default Re: 'Ardboyz

See, if you'd been a little quicker you could have had my old boyz. Alas, they are already sold and my Orc army that cost me 75 quid sold for 20. I was hoping for at least 25, cuz then I'd have been able to afford a goblin hewer.

My advice would be this is a hard army to play, so think very carefully about every purchase you make.

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Default Re: 'Ardboyz

I'm an oldschool Orc (been one since I started the game at the age of 6) and the Ardboyz are as Orcy as you can get...it's just a shame about the models. I'd just advise you convert them to look heavily armoured (and paint them darker)...but really...the Orc Armies Book is the next Fantasy release by almost all accounts (it follows the Dwarfs nicely too) and I'll be getting back into the thick of it with them too when it happens.

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