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1000 points of hungry, hungry Ogres.
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Default 1000 points of hungry, hungry Ogres.


(General) Bruiser
great weapon, heavy armor, great skull (when casters target the model/unit they missfire on double 1s, 2s, or 3s.)
~18% of force


6 Bulls
hand weapon, ironfist, light armor, standard, bellower, crusher
~31% of force

5 Ironguts
heavy armor, great weapon, standard, bellower, lookout gnobler
~28% of force


4 leadbelchers
cannon, light armor, Bellower, thunderfist
~24% of force

Total: 1000 points

What do you think?* So far I have been in two battles and faired well in both.

The first was verses a Lizardmen army that featured two Skink Priests, a Stegadon, Three terradons, 20 Saurus, and 10 Skinks.* I knew I would win this one when one of his skinks popped while trying to cast his first spell.* He rolled double twos trying to cast lighting on my guts, which means a 35 point item scored 150.* My Guts went on a rampage and killed 15 Saurus, 10 Skinks, two Priests (counting the one they forced a miscast on), and the Stegadon.* They lost a model to magic, and lost three to the Stegadon.* My Bulls were frightened off the table by the Stegadon, proving completely worthless.* My Leadbelchers zapped all three terradons in one round of shooting and then managed to reload and waste another five saurus, without a single misfire in eight rolls, before being charged in the side and forced off the board by, you guessed it, the Stegadon.* As an interesting note, the Stegadon had been wounded by every unit in my army. Victory.

The second was a joint game with Wood Elves and Dark Elves verse Vampire counts and my Ogres.* The wood elf force was Dryad centered with a Treeman, a Warhawk riding General, and six Glade Riders.* The Dark Elves Fielded Riders as their two core units, a sorceress on horseback, a Charioteer general, and an eighteen man unit of Black Guard (eek).* My ally fielded a Necromancer, 9 zombies for him to hide in, a large unit of Black knights with a Wight, and lots of wolves (with a Von Carstein Vampire hiding in one, shh).* My army remained the same; mine did seem a little vanilla compared to all these crazy spin-off armies, but no matter.*

Before the game The Dark Elf player (who also played Ogres) politely told me that he thought Leadbelchers were too much of a risk for their value.* I disagreed.* As the battle progressed it became clear that Bob (the VC player) and I were playing for pride.* Bob couldn't have possibly rolled worse, and probably accounted for 200 points of the enemy.* My Ironguts were demoralized by dark Elf magic and hit by the Warhawk Rider, the Treeman, and the Black Guard.* Amazingly they only lost the combat by one, but still fled when I rolled an eleven on my break test :'(.* My Leadbelchers, understandably miffed that their General was cut down in such an underhanded way, unleashed on the Warhawk rider that had run the Guts down.* Four unsaved wounds were scored on the rider and seven on the Warhawk itself without any misfires.* The resultant mess must have seemed very appetizing to my Belchers, but they held rank to reload.* In the meantime my Bulls easily broke a unit of 10 dryads and chase them off the table.* The Dark Elf player, who apparently wasn't paying attention when the Warhawk Rider was vaporized, quipped that he wasn't worried about the belchers and instead demoralized the Necromancer even though the black guard were within my shooting range.* Again without misfires, I caused ten unsaved wounds on his Black Guard and they fled a full twelve inches.* My bulls (now numbering five) charged a last unit of Dryads and effortlessly broke and overrun them.* The game was over.* I lost around five hundred points and gained around six.* My ally lost his full thousand and gained four hundred.* A respectable loss on my part.*

The Dark Elf Player swallowed his pride and bought some Leadbelchers.* I, of course, barely heckled him at all.
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Default Re: 1000 points of hungry, hungry Ogres.

Good list and nice painting (i dont like ogre kingdoms :P)
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Default Re: 1000 points of hungry, hungry Ogres.


Nice list,impressive result, but i resent the lack of gnoblars (Literally translated: squishy)
Originally Posted by Utsujin
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Default Re: 1000 points of hungry, hungry Ogres.

In the transition to 1500 points I added three Yhetees, four bulls and a butcher. The final result is:

I scored a minor victory against the gobbos with this list and a victorious slaughter against Bretonia. Still undefeated in single combat.
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