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Starting Empire.
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Default Starting Empire.

I want to make a Empire force with as many hand gunners and caNNONS/MORTORS.
After the army book what should I get?
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Default Re: Starting Empire.

Ah, a Wall of Lead afficionado.

Bear in mind that you'll probably draw plenty of ire from your local Warhammer players if you show up with every unit carrying blackpowder (Engineers, Elector Couts, Pistoliers, Handgunners, Cannon, Mortars, Helbasters... and a Steam Tank!) and while taking such an army against another WoL force would make an interesting means of runing Napoleonic Warhammer, it will seem to most as a touch out of place in the current setting.

Also, if your opponent gets to you before you get to shoot him up (think Bretonnian flying circus) or can outdistance you for range (like Asrai) you'll be in trouble, as the shooty troops will fold against Pegasus Knights and such in close combat.

Plus, there'll be a new Empire book soon enough, so we don't know what kind of changes to expect (and there'll be loads of new figs out!)

For general Empire ideas and tactics, check out the War Room over at Warhammer-Empire, there are a few useful ideas to pick up.

The Dragon Host of Ceyl-Daroir, v2 WIP

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