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savage orcs
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Kroot Shaper
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Default savage orcs

I was thinking about starting a savage orc 2000 pt army, and I was wandering if any of you have any experience with or against them, and what your thoughts on them are.

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Default Re: savage orcs

Charging Savage Orc Boar Boys = Pain.

I've been on the recieving end of that one time to many....

It hurts.

Other than that Savage Orcs have some good advantages and some disadvantages.


Magic Warpaint

(+1 attack, immune to pyschology)


Less mundane armour
(always have to charge the closest target)

A lot of opponents, especially those with a few/lots of skimishing units will use your frenzy to their advantage. They'll position the skimishers where you have to charge them, then when you charge the skimishers will flee leaving you open to a counter charge.

Additonally since the savage orcs don't have a lot of armour they'll take a fair few number of shooting casualties, though against high strength weapons (like blackpowder) they're better off than normal Orcs thanks to their warpaint. However here your frenzy is an advantage since you'll never have to take panic tests.

One further thing to watch out for is your wizards. If they're on their own they have a 360 line of sight. This means it can be very easy for your opponent to force them to charge a small skimishing/scouting unit and then kill them, leaving you with less defensive magic.

Overall they can be a lot of fun though.
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