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Opinions please
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Default Opinions please

I've been playing GW games for close to 9 years now (or something like that...) and while I started off playing Fantasy recently I've been doing more 40k (it's faster/easier to make an army you see...)

Anyways I'm progressing on my Tau at a decent rate and once I have ~2000ish points of them I'd like to finally get a fantasy army together again.

Now my previous army was Skaven and I just don't have the will to do that many models. I love the little rat men very dearly but for now they'll have to take back burner.

So I'd like to start an army with fewer models that are fairly easy to paint.

So I'm thinking of doing one of these armies:

Ogre Kingdoms:

Far fewer models than anyone else. They look great, paint quickly and play in a very fun and interesting manner.

Beasts of Chaos:

They're cool. Plus I'd still be able to take a few chaos warriors/knights who are awesome troops. Could have a fairly high model count and no shoothing though.


Knights rock. Period. I love the new models and the imagery around them is really great. Once again this army has a low model count, but due to the detailed nature of knights (heraldry and so on) doesn't lend it self well to being painted quicky.

High Elves:

Devastating magic and some of the coolest units in the game (Swordmasters = awesome). I've used High Elves a bunch of times and always have fun with them. They're a very tactical and flexible army. However with the 7th edition of WHFB looming over the horizon magic is going to change a fair bit, having quite an impact on these guys.

So those are the options I'm thinking of, advice is greatly appreciated as always.

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Default Re: Opinions please

I'd do beasts, cuz Ogres have just had their peek of popularity so it would be somethng slightly different.

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Default Re: Opinions please

I guess that it really boils down to what your priorities are.

OK definitely has the lowest model count, but from what I've heard is also a very challenging army to do well with.

The BoC minis are very nice, but depending upon how you build the army, you can get quite a large number of models. You might want to consider a straight up HoC army as you can limit the model count quite nicely by using more/less warrior regiments.

I've always liked the High Elf armies and fluff, but can't stand most of the plastics. The plastic regiment boxes suffer from Hand the Size of God syndrome (as did the older dwarf minis). However, the recent character minis are quite nice.

I've always had this problem with WFB, as I tend to paint extremely slowly. Consequently, while I've considered many armies, most of my efforts have reverted back to 40K - and no, I don't have an IG army...

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