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2,000 point Tomb King Magic Army
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Default 2,000 point Tomb King Magic Army

Well here is a list I will be trying the in near future for my tomb kings against some skaven at 2000 points, its mainly magical though:


Tomb Prince, General, Chariot, Light armour, great weapon
Enchanted shield, chariot of fire.
186 points

High Liche priest, Heirophant
Golden Ankhara, Heiratic jar
315 points

Liche Priest, skeletal steed
Staff of ravening
168 points

Liche Preist, casket of souls
Talisman of protection
Dispel scroll
320 points


16 skeleton warriors, bows
128 points

16 skeleton warriors, bows
128 points

6 skeleton light horsemen
84 points


3 skeleton chariots, muscian, standard bearer, champion
Banner of the undying legion
195 points

15 tomb guard, Muscian, standard bearer, champion
Mirage standard
250 points


Skeleton Giant
220 points

Total = 1994 points

My Tactics are too hopefully put my casket on a hill flanked on either side by both units of archers. the bone giant will advance down one flank while the chariots (and prince) advance down the other, with the tomb guards holding the middle with the high liche priest. The light horsemen will advance on the side of the giant, with the priest using his magic to either charge it into combat, or make the horsemen shoot twice, as well as harrying the enemy with the staff of ravening. The high liche priest and normal lighe preist will use their magic to make both units of skeleton archers shoot twice while also healing any wounds suffered against them, while the mirage standard will keep any return fire on the tomb guards to a minimum. The banner of the undying legion on the chariots is only there to help them survive a bit longer because in my experience they tend to find themselves out of liche priest healing, so enables them to regain some wounds without their aid.

I am not sure what will be used in the skaven army, but I am hoping to make him advance towards me (and slowly withering him down with the casket) and then springing the chariots and giant on him as he nears with my large amount of magic available, hopefully.

Your comments please, I am unlikely to change the army for the battle, but I am fairly new and will be proxing most of these models, so comments would be nice as too how i can change this to make it more effective(I know I have alot of poitns spent on heroes, but I havent enough models to proxy vast hordes of skeles)
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: 2,000 point Tomb King Magic Army

I play many types of skaven, all clans + 2 of my own, and if I was to be playing you, I would shoot everything at your casket of souls (lot of shots). I have done this to 2 different people who both were saying I was going to die on the 3rd turn all by his casket alone. I've always killed it on the first turn but probablly the person you play won't be like that.

Your liche P (LP) will be making alot more skeletons than anything else because of the high probability of many ratling guns. Also those RG will probably easily kill you giant about turn 3 if he has a decent amount.

Please report as I think your list could be better but would deffinatly like to see the results

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Default Re: 2,000 point Tomb King Magic Army

I lost relatively heavily, but only because of sillyness on my part, the inability of terrain, and alot of dispel scrolls.

I set up my casket on the only hill of any real use, down one flank, with my archers setting up facing outwards, with the tomb guards (with the high liche preist) facing up the flank, and the chariots, giant and light horsemen with other liche priest on horse going down the centre, he had 6 jezziels, a unit of plague monks, some crazy things(cant remember there name) two units of rats, one unit of heavy rats and a screaming bell, setting them all up in teh centre, but the crazy things, jezzails and plague monks where down the narrow channel for the casket.

First turn I moved everything forward to get into range and started to shoot, only to realise that I had inadvertantly stuck my giant and horsemen in front of one squad of archers..... but my other squad managed to kill off some of those crazy things though, but he dispelled my casket, geeep. His turn he moved everything forward, shot my caskert with all the jezzails, killing one of teh guards, and then also took a wound of my giant and killed two of my chariots, wounding another one of them.

My turn two, and this is where things began to go wrong, firstly I forget to charge his screaming bell(with the unit of tougher skaven) with my chariots, woops, then I forgot my high liche preist was in my unit of tomb guard and charged them into the plague monks, eeeep. Then my magic phase, realising my chariots were going to get charged by two units next turn if i dont do something, I try the TK's movement spell, dispelled cause i rolled a one..., ok now my liche priest behind him, ohh no dispelled again, oh no everything else is out of range, now im stuck with my chariots about to be charged. Ohh and he again dispels the casket, but i did rise the casket guardsman back up
Shooting does nothing cause i forget to move that giant out of the way, and the chariots are blocking another unit, while i cant see anyhting on the flank cause hte tomb gaurdians are in the way.
Combat with the plague monks, he challenges me and I accept with my tomb guard champion, not wanting my priest to die, my champion misses with his attacks and gets splattered, my tomb guards miss with their attacks(...) but my high priest did kill one plague monk. His attacks back, he wounds my high priest, and kills 4 guards. eeeep. Ok so I have lost like 8 models from that unit via combat res.

His turn 2, he charges the screaming bell and unit of skavens into the chariots, then charges on the flank with some normal skaven, then he charges those crazy things into my flank for the tomb guards. Kills the giant with massed warpstone eating magic, gaaaah, and then hits the bell, and gets the thing where all his units get hatred... why would anyone want to hate a poor old skeleton.
Combat, and I challenge his guy riding the bell with my lord, he accepts, then tells me he has this thing where he can knock off two of my attacks but he doesnt get to ttack back, and now I have one atack which I miss with, poo. The rest of the chariots are over killed, and the resulting comabt res sees my guy losing like 10 wounds , so my general is now dead, and his curse does nothing. Next the plague monks and crazy things, hitting on 3's, manage to wipe out all my tomb guard, but my heirophant does kill another one of those plague monks, unfortunately he loses 11 wounds in the resulting combat res. So now im taking skele breaking up tests, so I lose both my tomb guards, all of my light cav, and about 14 normal skeles.

My turn 3, my army left is the casket+ liche preist, two units of 5 skeletons, and one liche priest on a horse, about to be charged by three full units, so i do the brave thing and run backwards with my liche priest, magic sees my further attempts to run away a failure, and a third dispel scroll sees me unable to casket anything (maybe its empty?) (I continue on because we have about an hour left)

His turn 3 sees my liche priest on the casket jezzailed to death(they had kept missing or hitting the casket before hand) my other one being warp lightinged, and my skeletons wandering why they were still there, but on my turn they promptly fell apart, except one skeleton, which promptly shot down a plague monk , though I decided that I had better give in at this point.

What I learnt from the battle was to not obstruct my shooting, dispel scrolls are annoying, I need to compact my formation, and should not rely too heavil on magic that does not seem to work out for me. Oh and not one of the many things that affect skaven negatively happened.

Meh at least I wasnt the person on the table next to me, he found himself facing about 100 zombies (silly vampire count)
Hopefully I will play against someone less experienced and to my own ability next time, and I will try this list once more possibly, my luck my cut in again then.
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Default Re: 2,000 point Tomb King Magic Army

Sounds like you made a few mistakes, but it'll be better next time since you won't repeat them.

However one thing I noticed in your brief:

His grey seer appeared to have a magic sheild (the thing that let him give you -2 attacks).

This is illegal as Grey Seers are wizards and can't take magic or mundane armour. Also even if he could give his Grey Seer the sheild, it would mean he was no longer allowed to cast spells!

I'm sure it was an accident on his part, but you should let him know so he doesn't make the same mistake in the future.
Originally Posted by heliodorus04
Falstead, you're a genius!
Originally Posted by Farseer_Emlyn
Gah! Not a silly Canadian. Can't Falstead ever be wrong?!?!? ;D
Originally Posted by Rafe (Autarch Kiardras)
My god.... the sarcasm there nearly shorted out my computer screen Nice.
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Default Re: 2,000 point Tomb King Magic Army

Maybe it wasnt a grey seer, it was something in that big unit with the bell, and i thought it was the guy on the bell, but he might of snuck some other hero into it, I dont know the sames of anything skaven, and I have definately learnt from my mistakes (I play DE at 40k and have an over joyous love to get into CC very fast, I need to play them like I play my tau, and stand and shoot waiting him to advance, and then hit him on the counter with the guard, giant and chariots.
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