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How big can an orc get
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Default How big can an orc get

It says that an Orc will only ever stop growing when they are beaten by another orc. If this is so, then what would happen if there was an orc who never gor beaten. How big would it grow. Would it get as big as a giant or would old age claim it before then? Do orcs even die of old age?
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Default Re: How big can an orc get

Hmm... Well I'm sure they do. I'd imagine the biggest it would get is maybe two times the size of a human. I am just taking an educated guess.
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Default Re: How big can an orc get

These are orcs, always killing each other and others, thus i'd assume that they'd probable kill each other or get killed before the point that they become "giant". Look how big grimgor the model is. I'd geuss that as they got older, they grew at such a slow rate they'd need to be 100s of years old before any immense notice.

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Default Re: How big can an orc get

I doubt they'd ever get bigger then a troll, although I have seen some very old Giant models that looked very Orcy.

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Default Re: How big can an orc get

Well... this is my SOC black orc army ( I only needed on photo but I like em so much I thought I'd post 'em all

this is my army general.... he's modelled on a chaos troll (head swap and halberd in left hand turned into a choppa)

and this is him lined up with all my characters to give an impression of size:

and this is the rest of the army, (i'm aware it's slightly off topic, but I'm proud of 'em and thought I'd show 'em to like minded greenskin players as I was posting piccies ;D...) enjoy:

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