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Say What?
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Default Say What?

The question I pose to you ladies and gentelmen of the jury is this. What language is spoken in the Old World? While I know that say, Bretoians are based on the French, to they actualy speak french?
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Default Re: Say What?

I wouldst qwaundrefy ye olde English.

They probably speak feudal English as there is a whole feudal them to the game.
As for races other than the empire we can only guess.

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Default Re: Say What?

The Empire speaks a form of german mixed with english, bretonia speaks psuedo-french, tilea speaks pseudo italian and estilea (or whoever its spelt) speaks pseudo spanish. Albion speaks a generic celticy language.

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Default Re: Say What?

Tar-Eltharin is spoken by the Elven merchants and diplomats in L'Anguille, Marienburg and other cities across the continent.

Their cousins in Athel Loren have developed Fan-Eltharin, though it seems not to be a major hindrance in communication between Asur and Asrai.

As for the gibberish spoken by other races in the so-called 'Old World'... who cares, frankly.

EDIT: In case it wan't clear, I am kidding with that line! Just trying to be in-character from the perspective of an Elf on the continent...

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