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Best way to start Warhammer Fantasy
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Old 15 Mar 2006, 05:14   #1 (permalink)
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Default Best way to start Warhammer Fantasy

Ive decided i wanted to try warhammer fantasy since im also currently addicted to 40k also. The thing is....is there a cheaper way to start? I've seen the 80 US dollar one. It looks like a battle for macrragge set but almost double the cost. So can anyone suggest a better way to get the rules and a good size army?
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Default Re: Best way to start Warhammer Fantasy

Buy the rulebook on its own (about 60-70cdn) and then pick an army and start collecting.

The reason the fanstay box is so much is because

1) It has a full size rule book (ITS HUGE!)

2) It comes with a lot of troops. Basically thats 500 points of Orcs and 500 points of Empire in that box to start with!
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Default Re: Best way to start Warhammer Fantasy

If there is no rush to start out with WFB, I would seriously consider waiting until September/October this year.

That is when the new edition of WFB comes out. The start box will be brough into line with the BfM box, and the LOTR MoM box. It will include the rule book, a scenario book and some figures (dwarves and goblins).

It looks like this box will be the equivalent way to start as the BfM box.

Plus the rules will be advancing to the level of 6.5th (or 7th) edition, thus making mostly redundant a rule book that you buy now.

If you really want to start up now, I would consider starting an army such as Dwarfs. The army book is new, the figures are great, and there will be almost no change to them. Collect up some basic regimentss. You can't really go wrong with that.

Get a box of dwarf warriors, and get the army book. Build and paint your warriors. They are an obligatory choice, and you will be needing them anyway. Then you can go on to collect either another core regiment or a special regiment.

All the info you need to collect things and not produce redundant regiments.

I know it sounds a bit odd to say "buy the stuff before the rule book", but in this case, I would seriously consider it.

Unless you can get hold of a cheap 2nd hand rule book somewhere...

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Default Re: Best way to start Warhammer Fantasy

Is not when you want to start is what army you want to use . I play WHF and W40K to, i love both games as they are similar but diferent in some ways. As you did with 40K choose your army then you can look around the boxes and prices, Of course some of the most attractive armies to start at this moment are Ogre Kingdom, Wood Elfs or Dwarfs as they are very new and have wonderfull minis, but even if other minis comes out for other armies the clasic ones has always a spot in the table .

What army you whant? Empire? Orks? Elfs? Skaven? that will help a lot in prices meaning .

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Default Re: Best way to start Warhammer Fantasy

well, ive started fantasy and i have no rulebook. Ive learned rules by watching and asking. i wont get a rulebook until the new one comes out. army book and 600 points of Chaos and no rulebook. I say get a rulebook if you need it, but then pick an army that fits your tyle of play, then get a batallion to start.

- Kais
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Default Re: Best way to start Warhammer Fantasy

Be a friend and ask around what are the three least played armies and start one. People will be much more interested in playing you that way. Dwarfs. Now that they have been revamped they don't seem that "on the edge of extinction". Goblins. Are fun, funny and have some scary hidden units of doom. And they are rarely found. On the down side of course is that they are HORRIBLY expensive. So many units so little moula.
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