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Dwarfs 500pts vs. Dark Elves 750pts
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Default Dwarfs 500pts vs. Dark Elves 750pts

malikil snorted as the reincforced ruin came in to view,her cold one resisting the urge to chase a nearby squig lest his misstress beat him"pathetic short ones,they think that i malikil can be stopped by wood and stone!
ready the beasts darthnid""at once misstress" replied darthnid in his usual sadistic tone.

The crossbowmen let loose with a volley of bolts that hit but wounded to kill a single dwarf,
meanwhile the sorceress flanked by two units of warriors and cold one chariot and the menacing hydra moved cautiously forward.
the thunders hit and killed 4 warriors while the bolt thrower impaled one beastmaster apprentice.
the other dwarfs waited behind the castle walls for the dark kin.

the elves reached the wall beginning to climb the walls and batter the doors,
malikil stayed behind the Hydra the cold one chariot advanced behind her fro back up
the dwarfs managed to throw 10 of the attackers off the wall leaving 6 still climbing .
the thunderers hit and killed 8 of the crossbow men forcing them to rout of the table.
the sorceress tried to cast doom bolt but it was easily dispelled

the wall finally broke and the Hydra rushed towards the slayers frothing out of its mouths.
as the 6 warriors reached the top 2 fell but an amazing 4 thunderers were killed.
the sorceress cast doombolt successfully and killed the slayer champion
the slayers,enraged by their champions killing charged at the hydra wounding it.
the dwarf lord let fire his pistols killing two elves.
the thunderers killed two remaining warriors were shot off the walls by the thunderers

just as soon as the elves had fallen 8 more were on the ramparts.
the Hydra and sorceress between them killed the slayers to a man but he stood firm determined to avenge his brethren.
the warriors on the wall fought with the thunderers easily killing them (but losing 5) save for 3 thunders who stood defiantly in front of their lord.
the lone slayer uttered a prayer to grungi and his prayer was answered when he felled the mighty hydra.
but it was not to last as he exploded in a ball of orange hair,killed my malikil.

the sorceress and the second unit of 16 warriors moved towards the first objective stopping a few feet from the box.
on the ramparts the thunderers and lord killed the three remaining warriors with due haste.
malikil smile as she saw the box until that is,she was the 20 dwarf warriors charging her way
with a thump the dwarfs avenged their comrades killed 6 of the warriors on the charge and wounding malikil

as the dark elves battled against the warriors the chariot finally came through the gate and charged the warriors.
with the combined pressure of the coldones and the sharp stick the elves killed 12 of the dwarfs who refused to flee.
malikil tried to kill some dwarf but she was unmounted by a now infamous bolt.

the dark elf warriors were killed to a man by the 8 remaining dwarf warriors as the Chariot broke them and forced then to flee but not before the cold ones failed their stupidity test and sat there in front of old bolty.
malikil proceeded up the stairs killing two thunderers and stoping an inch from the last one.

the cold one chariot and its crew were destroyed by the engineer and old bolty,
with the coldones still drooling as an arrow turned them into dead ones.
malikil charged at the thunderer killing him wit ease.
she fire a bolt of thunder at the dwarf lord cackling until it was soaked up buy the peace of parchment around his neck.
malikil stood momentarily shocked until her head exploded as two bullets hit both of her eyes.

lord anruk vhear stood hunched over the case of wyrdstone and a heavy weight came upon him,
"an army of finest bearlings vardak,killed for the wealth of one selfish manling""tis always the way lord,
they are so weak they need proper warriors to sort their messes out"replied the engineer
"aye,proper warriors,proper warriors"

780PTS of dead elves
300 odd points of dead dwarfs

now i really like bolt throwers


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Default Re: Dwarfs 500pts vs. Dark Elves 750pts

Thanks for the PM, i've been working a lot recently so seem to never have any spare time on my hands. Welding is suprisingly hard!

Sounds like a very hard battle to win as dwarves are going defensivealways harder as dark elves arent amazing advancers in a case such as that!

The bolt throwers of the druchii are actually the best in the game, thought you pay for it as their the most expensive too!!

The battle went well though, though to be critical, the report could have been better, left me a little lacking however just for a filler in quickly not bad. I've never really used siege rules before however, so there's not too much I could comment on about that aspect. Nice to see the odd amazing spree by elves mind, normally they suck at killing dwarves up close!

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Default Re: Dwarfs 500pts vs. Dark Elves 750pts

I would be more scared of an organ gun though, that thing is a beast. how many points does it cost?

good report by the way, sounds like a great battle
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Default Re: Dwarfs 500pts vs. Dark Elves 750pts

It used to cost 135 points. Now it costs slightly less. Wonderful battle report. At the beggining I was very worried about the arming of 2 pistols on a single dwarf lord but now I realise how well they work! Bolt throwers are either: a) Devastating or b) Missing completly every turn. I like to equip mine with engineer and a rune of +1 strenght so that they can destroy chariots in one turn.
Formely, Aun_shaun

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Default Re: Dwarfs 500pts vs. Dark Elves 750pts

it was an easy win but tommorow i have a battle against a chaos player at 1000pts.
ill post that soon.

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