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WFB counterpart to my 40k LatD?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default WFB counterpart to my 40k LatD?

hiyas. im thinking about starting fantasy this summer and need some help. last year in 40k i made a latd mutant army and id like to have an army just like it in fantasy. but i dunno much about fantasy yet. so i was hopin you guys could take a look at my 40k list and help me translate it into a fantasy army/units.

heres 40k list:

hq 1 - 3x asp. champs + d. mutation + d. speed + mark of khorne + powerfist + frag grenades

hq 2 - (same as hq 1)

troop 1 - 15x mutants + blessing of tzeentch + frag grenades

troop 2-6 - (same as troop 1)

heavy 1 - 3x chaos spawn

heavy 2 - (same as heavy 1)

heavy 3 - defiler + indirect fire + mutated hull

there it is. my 40k is 1850 points but fantasy needs to be 2000 points. thanks for the help. =)

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Default Re: WFB counterpart to my 40k LatD?

The chaos spawns can be used as chaos spawns. And that's it.
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Default Re: WFB counterpart to my 40k LatD?

Okay... this list is sickeningly wrong in terms of fluff (Khorne-alligned HQ, and Tzeench-allied troops!?), but here we go:

HQ can't be transferred, as HQs don't work that way in WFB. However, you can still have a Mortal lord leading Beast armies (I think...) so that's your best bed.

Troops... probably Beastmen.

Spawn = Spawn... although you'll have long-since ran out of Rare slots.

For a Defiler, you're looking at a Hellcannon... which is yet more Rare slots.
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