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500pt bret tourny list
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Default 500pt bret tourny list

Alright, I have a tourny coming up for placement in a ladder league. The rules are as follows:
-500 pts
-Min. 2 core units
-Max 2 special OR 1 special and 1 rare
- 0-2 Heroes with a combined cost less than 150 pts
- A general is required.
- 0-1 warmachines and chariots, even if multiple warmachines or chariots are permitted for one choice.
- min unit sizes are 3 for 20mm, 2 for cavalry, 1 for larger
- 4 unknown scenarios, each an hour long.
- Ties are decided by whp has the most painted models.

My list looks like this, but ALL advice is welcome.

General: Paladin, horse, lance, Gromril Great Helm, Enchanted Shield - 120 pts

5 Kotr, full command, warbanner - 169

16 M@A, full command - 107

3 GK - 104

Total - 500

If any calculations of points are wrong, please tell me.

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