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Old world chainsaw massacre.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Old world chainsaw massacre.

Here is the background and list for the UKGT final in two weeks. It is based on a mix of resident evil 4 and a texas chainsaw massacre. All of it is converted apart from the skelletons and bats and the general is the mordehelm circus of horrors strongman with a inquisitor scale chainsaw so looks really cool.

The old world chainsaw massacre.

Necromancer lord Nacraiel was once the lord of the town of Bali Beg, from atop his castle with his elite greatswords he had ruled the town and neighoburing villages well. However over the past years he had come to the conclusion that he and his two daughters would die. Thus he delved into the dark art of necromancy. He taught his daughters this art and they them became prelifant in it. The villagers of course would not take kindly to there lords becomeing members of the undead thus he was forced to use his powerd of mindwashing on them. He was able to stop them from both dyeing and from ever raising against him by giveing them the gift of prelonged life. Some died instantly whale some remained half dead and half alive with memorys of before. However all were loyal to him. He also learnt the power to raise the dead from there graves thus was able to command the wolves and the bats to do his bidding. Along with the corpses and skelletons of the deciesed. His personel guard of greatswords remained as his undead bodyguard. And his elite templars were now given even greater powers by the fact they now knew neither fear nor pain. And with his daughters he reshurched into new and darker mysterys.
His reshurch had told him that here was the location of the once great vampre known only as SAW. It was believed he had killed thousands with his legendry weapon, a huge mechinism of rotateing blades which only he could effectivly wield in battlel, and was the method by which he drank blood since he had no facual features and it was grafted onto him by dark sorcery. Some said he was created by the skaven after trying to combine the power of the vampire with there arcane weapons, some said it was by the necharch bloodline of vampires as a experement, and some said it was the dark dwarfs of chaos. However the fact remained he had broken free and slaguhterd a thousand souls before takeing to rest in a tomb in the middle of nowhere for the last tousand years.
Lord Nacraiel had located this tomb and attempted to re-awake SAW, he had achived this however SAW had not been one to become a servant willingly. After slaughtering half of Nacraiels bodyguard the necromancer begged for a resolution. SAW through psychic communication told him he would spare him as long as together they would crusade across the old world collecting more sols for him until he once again had stained his weapon with a thousand hearts.
Nacraiel agred and giveing SAW command of his army set out to achieve this goal.

Vampire Counts.

Strogi count “SAW”, level 2, curse of the revenant, summon ghouls, iron sinews.
Necromancer “Matilda”, level 2, power familar.
Necromancer “Nacraiel”, level 2, dispel scroll, book of arkhan.
Necromancer “Agatha”, level 2, dispel scroll, black perapt.

14 skelletons, standard, musician.
10 skelletons, standard, musician.
18 zombies “Bali Beg Elite Guard”, musician.
5 dire wolves.
5 dire wolves.
5 ghouls “Bali Beg villagers”
5 ghouls “Bali Beg villagers”
5 ghouls “Bali Beg villagers”

10 black knights “Bail Beg templars”, barding, full command, war banner.
10 black knights “Bail Beg templars”, barding, full command.
3 fell bats.

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Default Re: Old world chainsaw massacre.

i like the theme
nice formidable army too

Praise be to the Omnissiah.url=http://www.pickle-green.com/egraphics/main.php?id=eggs][/url]
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Old world chainsaw massacre.

I came 63rd which I guess is like comeing 21st at a regular torny.
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