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skaven versus empire, wood elves
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Default skaven versus empire, wood elves

Well, I play skaven.
And on this weekend I will be playing my friends in a big 1100 point battle. Everyone each has 1100 and it'll be a three way battle. Now I don't want comments on how three way battles suck and things like that. Its the 5th time I will be playing as skaven and my past results were less than stellar so I'll be posting my list then what i can remember from my friends.

My list:
plauge Priest with extra hand weapon, biting blade, and warpstone armor - 119
assassin w/ warpstone amulet bands of power 175
20 clanrats with spears ratling gun full command - 205
plauge rat swarm (2) - 130
2 packs of giant rats - 60
3 globadiers
20 plauge monks with extra hand weapons full command Umbanner
3 Rat ogres 150

Wood Elves:
2 units of archers full command
2 heros 1 on foot one on horseback (foot has bows)
1 unit of dyrads
1 unit of horsemen

Captain with lance and barding on horse
2 spear men with detachments of hand gunners (list usually different might have 2 units of hand gunners too)
pistoleirs (thats the name right?)
How many Emo's does it take to screw in a lightbulb
2 one to screw it in and one to write idiotic goth poetry
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