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1000pt and 2000pt Dwarf army
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Default 1000pt and 2000pt Dwarf army

Hi guys, this weekend i am going into a starters torni for fantasy. For this torny i bought the new dwarves, just need some feed back on hte 2 lists and any ideas to make it better

1000Pt List (Tornie Army)


Dwarf Thane-165pts-Oath stone, gromil armour, sheild

Runic Weapon- 1 master rune of swiftness, 2 runes of fure

Master Engineer- 80pts- Hand weapon, gromil armour, Dwarf handgun


Dwarf Warriors- 169pts-16 men, hand weapons and sheilds, heavy armour, Standard Musician, Champion

Dwarf Warriors- 169pts-16 men, hand weapons and sheilds, heavy armour, Standard Musician, Champion

Thunderers- 1750-10 men, light armour, shields and dwarf handguns, Standard, Muician and veteran


Dwarf Cannon-100 pts, Rune of Reloading

Now here is the problem, i have 2 options for the last pts i have my choices are:

Grudge Thrower-85- Rune of burning
Slayers- 55- 5 slayers



both take the final pts to 999. wat r ur choices

Also i have made up a 2000pt list


Dwarf Lord-298-shield bearers, Gromil armour, shield

Runic Weapon- 1 master rune of swiftness, 2 runes of fury


Thane (Battle Standard)-150- hand weapon, gromil armour, shield

Standard- Rune of courage

Runesmith-147pts-hand weapon, gromil armour, shield, spell eater rune, rune of spell breaking

Master Engineer-120-Rune of shielding, rune of warding, dwarf handgun


Dwarf Warriors-189pts-16 men, hand weapons, shields, heavy armour, Standard, Champ, Musician

Dwarf Thunderers-295-18 men, light armour, shield, standard, Musician and veteran


Dwarf Cannon-130pts-Rune of defence

Dwarf Ironbreakers-288pts-16men, Hand Weapons, shields, Gromil Armour

Runic Standard- Rune of slowness

Grudge Thrower-105pts-Rune of accuracy

Slayers-122-10 men, standard



any ideas are welcome

Made By Kais, Offical Siggy Maker

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Orks & Goblin 2300 points points

Tyranids, 60 points

wood elves, 2000 points

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Default Re: 1000pt and 2000pt Dwarf army

Grudge throwers are hell for me. They NEVER do anything worth their points so I would go for the slayers agains those really tough monsters.

in your 2000pts list your lord has shield I HATe shields for the simple reason they replace pistols. With a pistol your doing an extra str4 attack for almost the same price. Replace your shield wiht a rune of stone.

Like I always say I hate that grudge thrower if you can replace it with blt throwers. They always win their points value back with me. And secondly I would like you to meet your new friend organ gun try him as a proxy in one or two battles you'll be suprised wiht the results.
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Default Re: 1000pt and 2000pt Dwarf army

I'll be honest with you, I think you should ditch the oath stone. Really, once you put it down, you are effectivly taking that unit out of the game. Other than that, looks ok to me.
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