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help me stave off the chaos invasion!
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Default help me stave off the chaos invasion!

I play Brets and my friend is starting Chaos. He's going to play beatsmen undivided with a doombull so that his core troops can be Minotaurs. He'll also have some Slannesh sorcerror's and some chariots. I'm sorry I can't be more specific but he actually hasn't bought all his stuff yet. This is what he's told me. I'd like some advice about what to look out for.

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Default Re: help me stave off the chaos invasion!

Brets are actually quite a nice army to play against Chaos..heres my two pence.

Chaos: Virtually every chaos model is pretty darn slow, only a max 8: per turn. Watch out for deamonettes as these are faster! Now, any chaos warrior is actually a wow all rounder, apart from now ranged troops. They're also expensive, and boy do I mean expensive. Marauders are arrow fodder, these should be your first priority, as they have some range. The reason behind this is that, with so many mounted units in your army, you'll easily oputmanouvere him! Knights and marauder horsemen are trickier. Horsemen again are succeptible to arrow fire, the knights however...heres where you need to pay attention

hosen knights of chaos are the most powerfull cavalry in the entire game, they've a virtually impregnable save with incredible attacking power. Stay away from them, use hefty magic to obliterate them or an extreme shock troops. Deamons are nasty, however, out number them, if they loose the combat they start dieing!!

Beastmen: Generaly, beastmen are much faster than your average chaos troop, with the addition of ranged attacks (by ranged I mean javelins, not 30" long bows). They have access to very cheap troops which make nice meat shields. They can also mob, which means they could turn up behing your lines... need i mention the ferocity of doombulls and minotaurs...

Do not despair, bretonnia have 1 single advantage that blows chaos out of the park. Your entire army, has about 3x more manouverability! Take a mounted army, lots of pegasai knights also. You can divide the chaos army by making him run like a headless chicken after you, while concuring the weaker sections one at a time. This poses less of a risk. Once the weaker elements are destroyed, you can obliterate him in one massive copmbined charge. By having the entire army mounted, it means you've got no stationairy base, free to roam around withour worry of being caught, even the mob rule will be less dangerous.

Split his forces, take each unit at a time, when it comes to the remaining nasties, combined knight charges should dent them nicely!

Hope this helps, D'el

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