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Gnoblar army
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Default Gnoblar army

Hey i was thinking of starting a gnoblar army for the heck of it( a horde of hundreds of little greenskins sounds cool if not expensive) and wondered if the rules they made in white dwarf 303 was official. Meaning can i play them like any other army without player having to approve? and in the list why isn't the Gnoblar Scraplauncher in? any comments would be appreciated and any on wether its worthwhile putting this together. (not looking to win with this army too much)
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Default Re: Gnoblar army

I havent actually seen the list in 303, unfortunately, so cant be much help, however, generally, a lot of the lists arent official for tournament play, and it should mention if you need your opponents permission somewhere in there, i think you normally do, but dont quote me there!

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Default Re: Gnoblar army

Not at tournaments, but, If you asked the manager at the store where you play and he lets you, then be it.
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